Saturday, September 21, 2019

Yesterday when I got on the elevator in my building to go run my errands I noticed a new sign that quickly caught my attention.

This was my immediate response. Well it was my response after I ran back to my apartment and bolted the door.

I mean seriously, do I look like someone who is going to approach any snake?

Thursday I needed to go to the grocery to pick up something I forgot the day before, and since I was right next door I decided to just take a brief peak into my favorite plant shop. 

I personally think they need to move that store because it is seriously affecting my wallet.

Look what I found. 

Isn't she pretty with her pink tinged leaves?

It's an Aglaonema Etta Rose. I love that it will thrive in low to medium light. As someone who lives in a apartment with only two windows, although they are floor to ceiling, there is not enough direct sunlight for very many bright light plants. 

While I was there I realized I didn't have a pot for it so I spent another 20 minutes finding just the right one. So much for the brief peak.

When I went down to collect my mail yesterday I decided to work on pulling the plants out of my garden. 

I decided to leave the last tomato plant for a few days to let the last couple of tomatoes ripen.

In a few days I will clean it up and decide if I want to plant any fall veggies. It is really still too hot to think about it now.

Good bye summer. You have been a good one. 


  1. Oh my gosh SNAKES!!! Yikes. Can they get someone to come out and move them away from the property? That would scare me with Buddy when I would walk him. His little nose would be right there. Love the new plant and the pretty pot you found for it. Happy Saturday.

  2. A snake is not poisonous - unless you are considering eating it. There are a FEW venamous snakes in Georgia. In the Atlanta area it could be a copperhead. The pattern on it is like hershey kisses - and it is usualy grey/brown/orangeish in color. Most snakes seen in Atlanta are water snakes, rat snakes, and corn snakes. These are very valuable because they eat slugs, snails, rodents. If you see ANY snake - back up. It won't strike unless it thinks it is in danger. They know you are much bigger and think of you as a preditor.

  3. A very pretty plant in a very pretty pot. My plants are in plain pots. I'd like to liven them up at some point. Watch being in that garden. The snake might be there.

  4. I do NOT like snakes-AT ALL. When I was a kid I stepped barefoot on a large black snake and I will never forget the way it felt under my foot. ugh...Love your plant. I love house plants, too. xo Diana

  5. I read all the time in the spring where you have to be careful picking out pots at the store cause there can be snakes in them. Pretty plant, nice pot.

  6. Love your potted plant. Looks like a great addition to your apartment. Watch out for that snake! Whew!


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