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Thursday, September 19, 2019

I'm kind of on a roll here with my houseplant addiction, so I thought I would keep it going.

A few days ago I went to my favorite plant place to just look around. Of course I came home with two new plants, which I showed you here.

Since I haven't been able to find a twelve step program for said addiction, I'm thinking it must be okay for me to continue adding on to my collection.

I love this large peace lily. I splurged on it because I had to leave the one I had in Kentucky when I moved. 

It isn't flowering at the moment, but it seems to love where it is. The beautiful pot belonged to my mom. I had wanted it for awhile, but even though she didn't have a plant in it she wouldn't let me have it before she died. I think of her when I look at it. 

I think this parlor palm adds some great texture to my living room, and of course it has a succulent friend in the small terrarium. 

I've since added some more plants to the top of this chest of drawers,

giving it more of a cottage feel. 

There are just so many places to tuck plants in,

and on top of.

I think they help to draw the eye upwards, making the room appear taller.

Just a few of my 23 houseplants. It definitely has the makings of an urban jungle.


  1. Just think how healthy the air is in your place. Plants are suppose to help keep the air we breath fresh. You have a green thumb for sure with house plants. They all look great. Love the new additions. Happy Thursday.

  2. I don't think I have that many yet, but I too am on a plant buying roll. Got to herd it in because I'm running out of places to put them where Ivy can't get to them.

  3. Oh and the pot is certainly beautiful.

  4. Laura, I think the plants look beautiful. They give such pizazz to our living spaces, don't they? Your digs are looking very lovely. Thanks for all your visits and comments to Writing Straight from the Heart. I appreciate them immensely and always love to see that you have stopped by. Have a great rest of the week. Susan

  5. Your houseplants look very happy and healthy. You have a lot of luck with y

    Enjoy the rest of your day


  6. I like your jungle! I would have more house plants if not for my cats. They always have to get up and explore anything new, and they especially love a plant or vase of flowers! And I really don't have areas by windowsills and light to put plants. Yours are so pretty. I love the ones that sit on top and then trail downwards. I always loved having a coleus in the house with the pinks on the leaves. Marilyn

  7. I think plants are valuable things because they clean the air and give us oxygen. I have several pothos and am also on a buying spree (when I can get out of the house) and I really need to buy more pots.


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