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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Is dust a commodity? If it was I would be a wealthy woman.

After taking down my Christmas decorations on Monday I realized just how much I have neglected basic housekeeping chores over the last month. 

house cleaning

Maybe I was dazzled by the sparkle of ornaments and lights, or maybe I was just being lazy and blaming it on the season. 

Whatever the reason I realized I needed to either find a housecleaning fairy (fat chance of that happening) or knuckle down and get busy. 

I am very sensitive to fragrances so I try to use only natural products.


The first task was taking on the dust on my furniture. Where in the world can so much dust come from? 

I am picky about what I dust with and recently found two products that I like.

Method Wood Polish creates "a shine you wood not believe" and it leaves a fresh almond smell. 

Method wood polish

ECOS nontoxic furniture polish is made with olive and orange oils and leaves your furniture streak-free and shiny.

It is free from all the baddies which is good for your environment and you.


I clean my kitchen and bathroom more than any other parts of my apartment, but looking closely at the kitchen left me feeling like it needed a deep clean.

I don't have a dishwasher so all of my dishes are washed by hand. 

I buy Seventh Generation dish soap by the six-pack and it lasts me for months. 

Seventh Generation dish soap

Cleaning the wood cabinets is a must and once again I turn to Method for that.

Method daily wood cleaner

I don't know about you, but I like a multi-purpose cleaner that will clean countertops, the fridge, and the floors. 

Mrs. Meyer's All-purpose cleaner is a great choice.

Mrs Meyers all purpose cleaner


Although you can use the same all-purpose spray in the bathroom that you use in the kitchen there are some specific cleaners that I like for certain tasks.

Mrs. Meyer's toilet bowl cleaner will leave your bathroom with a nice lemony smell.

Mrs Meyers toilet bowl cleaner

Be sure to disinfect.

seventh generation multi-surface disinfecting cleaner

Hooray, a hypoallergenic glass cleaner.

Goodbye glass cleaner

Cleaning Supplies

Don't forget to update your cleaning supplies.

I just ordered this.

toilet bowl brush

cleaning caddy amazon

household rubber gloves

natural cotton dish towels

Let the cleaning begin.

natural cleaning products
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  1. I love using Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray when cleaning up the kitchen. I will have to check out the wood polish spray. Thanks for sharing all of these great house cleaning products.
    Thanks for the blog visit and have a happy new year.

  2. I use a lot of ECOS products, including the laundry detergent. But don't you use Swedish wet cloths? They are SO great! Hugs!

  3. I use Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray. I buy the concentrated form, and add water to mix my own. Much cheaper that way.

  4. I like the meyers brands and use them. Great products. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  5. Don't remind me that I need to do a deep cleaning... everywhere! Love the wood polish for kitchen cabinets. Mine really need "something" to perk them up. (paint would be best but I'm too lazy or unmotivated... or "something"). One of my local stores has the Mrs. Meyers.. I need to give it a try. Happy Wednesday! Marilyn

  6. I've never tried any of those products, since I can't deal with most scents. So I use vinegar, lemon, olive oil and the like to make my own cleaners and polishing solutions. They look interesting though!

    1. Same here, Kim! I just make my own natural cleaners with the same ingredients you do. I also use baking soda for scrubbing stains. I use a microfiber cloth to dust my furniture. I never polish it except for my grandma's coffee table once in a rare while, and then I use a dab of olive oil.

  7. I'm sensitive to scents too. I don't know what the deal is with dust.

    It's one if my annoyances


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