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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Yesterday's post touched on a new/old trend for home decor in 2022. Once again cozy comfortable interiors are trendy.

I have reached an age where I firmly believe that your home should reflect who you are. 

Unless you are a super influencer who makes your money from constantly changing out your home for clicks then don't succumb to pressure to decorate in a style you don't like. 

cottage living room

My style is cozy, comfortable, English cottage style and so of course I was happy to see that it is on-trend this year. 

It means there will be more fodder for my insatiable appetite for cozy room decor.

Similar basket tray, pillow

Grandmillennial Style 

Grandmillenialls are given credit for driving a return to 'granny chic', and I am more than happy to give them credit. 

Staying at home during the pandemic has given them a desire to return to a time when they felt safe and comforted in their grandparents' homes. 

Can't say that I blame them. I miss the smell of my mom's freshly baked chocolate chip cookies when I walked in the door from a day of misbehaving exemplary behavior at school.

I think it is wonderful that they are returning to a love of antique furniture, chintz, and blue and white china while adding their own updated twist to their decor. 

As someone who has always respected our climate, buying antiques and vintage home decor items is a win-win for our environment. 

similar platter, curtains

Traditional Details

According to Good Housekeeping traditional details are making a big comeback.

traditional living room

Don't expect full-on granny. Instead there will be more layering of effects including more pattern mixing.

Similar horse prints

Honoring Character

Veranda Magazine tells us that personal character is front and center.

Younger clients are pulling out their grandmother's china to hang on walls and are opting for individual antique pieces, even if not perfect over mass produced items.

"Investing both time and money in the objects that transform a house to a home of pride and comfort will be priority. " says Michael Cox, of Foley and Cox in New York. 

similar rug, wallpaper

I guess one upside to people now spending more time in their homes is a return to traditional decor and saving treasures from the past. 

I for one am very happy about that.

cozy traditional home decor

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  1. All the traditional styles are beautiful. Cozy and comfy and reflecting what you love should always be in style. Happy Saturday. xoxo

  2. I do like traditional style and think that is what I am closest to achieving. I like comfortable but classy. I do have a few modern touches here and there though.
    Happy weekend, Laura- xo Diana

  3. My tastes do change over the years. My NJ home, purchased almost 20 years ago, is all traditional decor. My thought was it would never go out of style,and it hasn't. But I didn't account for the fact that I'd grow tired of some pieces and color schemes, or realize I never like some of the from the start (I'm talking 'bout you, dining room chairs!). I've decided that I will change some pieces this year to freshen up the look. That said, there are some pieces that I'd take with me wherever I go. I love the term "grandmillenialls.


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