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Monday, January 17, 2022

Yesterday as I sat in my comfy chair looking out the window it started to lightly snow.

My first thought was to call the National Guard, man the ships, prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Atlanta does not do well when it snows. 

snow on a pine tree

My daughter told me that when the last major snowstorm hit over ten years ago the city was shut down for a week while the city's one snowplow went from street to street. 

The city now has fifty, which they haven't needed in the last ten years.

When I was growing up I loved all of the snow we got. 

bird in the snow

Snow meant tobogganing, ice skating, and building snowmen.

I couldn't wait to pull on my jacket, gloves, scarf, boots, and hat and rush outside. 

Sometimes my neighbor would hitch his horse up to his sleigh and take me for a ride.

horse drawn sleigh in the snow

At night snowfall brought about a stillness that calmed the earth.

I loved to sit and watch the snow in the streetlight outside my window.

As an adult, I have lived in many places. 

Some had cold winters and some had warm winters.

snow on the mountains

In California, we lived at the base of a mountain so when winter storms hit, while we got rain the community at the top of the mountain got snow. 

A short drive up the mountain meant my girls could have an afternoon playing in the snow. 

snowman in the mountains

Tessa loves snow and when she came to visit me in Kentucky a few years ago I convinced her that I had produced the big snowfall we got while she was there just for her. 

Three weeks later my mom passed away and on the day of the funeral, when Tessa was once again there, it started to snow.

My mom loved watching the snow and Tessa informed me that I was good at creating snow but not as good as GiGi. 

I think she was right.

little cottage in the snow

She was born here in Atlanta and doesn't see a lot of snow so I was imagining her in her flip-flops running out to taste it while it fell from the sky.

That girl never seems to feel the cold.

cabin in the snow


Winter is very fickle in Atlanta. 

Two weeks ago the temperatures were in the 70s and now they have dropped forty degrees. 

I definitely prefer the warmer weather these days, but I had forgotten how much I enjoy sitting and watching the snow fall. 

watching the snow fall

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  1. I lived in Asheville for many years so I've enjoyed some pretty snows over the years. Nice to be here in the deep South with sunshine today though....except the wind is still pretty cold this morning! Stay warm!

  2. Enjoy that snowfall. If you would like some more we here in the midwest would be glad to share. Just a gloomy Monday here. We need the sunshine to reappear. We have not had a lot of snow way below normal for us. I probably should not have typed that now I will probably jinx us!!!! Enjoy the pretty white stuff. xoxo Kris

  3. Our weather here in KY has been fickle as well. Temps all over the place and tornadoes hitting in the exact spots twice. Enjoy your snow and stay safe, if you get out.

  4. I'm with you. I love watching it fall and love the silence of it, but have lived many places with LOTS of snow and I'm pretty much done with it now.. though where I live in central Oregon, we still can receive alot of that white stuff! It is so beautiful, but I've had my share over my lifetime! That's neat that you lived at the bottom of the mountain so didn't have to deal with the snow, but were close by to go and enjoy it for a few hours! xoo Marilyn

  5. Laura, growing up and spending most of my adult life in a beach community on the west coast, snow is usually a fascinating happening here in the foothills of the Sierras, but the storm the day after Christmas this year was a bit much even for me. We still have it thick on our lawn and we have only had sunny days since. But, I agree, the first snowfall, so quiet and bright, is a sight to behold. The killer is when the plows pile it up in the parking lots and it turns black!! In California, there are so many places close that one can go biking, sailing, skiing and hiking that we are lucky..Have a wonderful Monday..xxoJudy

  6. As much as I complain about the snow, I'm always in awe of its beauty.There's something about watching it fall and cover the ground that I find so peaceful. It's mainly the disruptions it causes afterwards that gets my knickers in a twist!

  7. The snow is beautiful as are your pictures. I love to visit the snow. Our weather in Florida is somewhat different as you know. We never know what we will awake too! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. I love cold weather and snow. Especially now the my husband works from home it's enjoyable.

    Tessa was cute with her statement

  9. Laura, enjoy the snowfall. it is so beautiful. I can imagine sitting inside with a hot cup of cocoa and watching the fall. The trees always look so pretty. It is 60 degrees here today. I sat outside in the sunshine. I am born and raised in California. Thanks for your visit.


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