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Friday, September 24, 2021

Simple Pleasures #8

t was late Wednesday afternoon when I suddenly realized that I hadn't started my Friday post and I was going to be out part of Thursday taking my daughter to a medical appointment. YIKES!!

Where does the time go? It seems like Friday rolls around faster and faster these days and on top of that fall rolled in on Wednesday.

cottage style bedroom

The light is changing and night is closing in earlier, but I wasn't prepared for it to turn as chilly as it has.

I love that we are finally going to have a stretch of sunny days ahead, but a low tonight of 48 is more like late October or early November here. 

I plan to take advantage of highs in the seventies though to get outside and walk. 

Also, the fact that I accidentally posted my Wednesday post on Tuesday has really thrown me off. 

Simple Inspiration

This is how I feel unless I am crowded in with grandchildren.

thoreau quote

Lovely Reads I Found This Week

In honor of fall how about some cornmeal pancakes with cranberry maple syrup. They sound old fashioned delicious.

I am not planning to buy any new fall decor items this year (well maybe a small pumpkin) so I love to find cheap fall decor where you may not have to buy a thing.

16 fall decor ideas for your home seems to have something for everyone. I like seeing different styles.

Ok, I don't have a mantel, but I'm not completely self-centered. For those of you who are lucky enough to have a mantel and a cozy fireplace I thought you might like seeing these five easy and beautiful fall mantel ideas. 

When I come over to visit you, which may be anytime now if you have made those pancakes, I am looking forward to seeing how you have decorated your porch. Surely you can find something to drool over out of these 30+ porch ideas.

Favorite Gluten-Free Recipe This Week

I love both mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes, and I especially love pumpkin, but I have never tried mashed pumpkin before. 

This mashed pumpkin recipe sounds delicious and perfect for a fall dinner.

mashed pumpkin recipe

Catching Up

Have you had a chance to read these recent posts?

On Monday I shared some vintage window frame decor ideas as I try and decide how I want to style my own vintage window frame.

Tuesday (should have been Wednesday) I wrote new healthy habits for a happier life post. It's about the pandemic and stress, what the symptoms are, and what you can do if you. like many others, are feeling stressed.

This post contains affiliate links. When you click on a link and make a purchase through that link I receive a small commission. This does not affect your cost.

Trending Fall Finds On Amazon

What I'm Watching

Some of the network shows have started back up and one of my favorites is New Amsterdam. I was excited to see it back this week, but I am a little worried about a couple of the main characters. Are they leaving?

I don't usually rewatch shows, but I have been rewatching the third season of Hinterland. It is darkly Welsh. Do I like DCI Tom Mathias? Do I Not like DCI Tom Mathias? Hmmmm!!


I  ended up spending the whole day with family yesterday, After taking Katy to her appointment we stopped at the gluten-free bakery on the way home and picked up breakfast sandwiches to eat on Katy's front porch. 

Cary was next door to the bakery getting her hair done so we talked to her for a bit before picking up the sandwiches. 

After leaving Katy I went by to play with Tessa for a little while. "A little while" turned into four hours. 


She taught me how to make paper leaf chains, I beat her at Jenga, she beat me at Long Cow, we played a game with the balloon where we couldn't let it hit the ground, we played with her playdough kitchen set, we played with her Barbie dolls, we went outside to visit the chickens and to gather ingredients to make pretend stone soup, and finally, I pleaded old age and came home.

Tiredness from family time is the best tiredness in the world.

Thanks for visiting me today.

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where does the time go

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  1. I like that pumpkin quote and totally agree with it. The bedroom photo is so nice. It looks very inviting.

  2. I felt the same way about Hinterland. DCI Mattis grew on me. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

  3. Wonderful that you had a nice long visit with your granddaughter. Talk about the simplest, but most rewarding of pleasures! I enjoyed looking at all those fall porch ideas. Some were really over the top! I can't use real pumpkins anymore - the squirrels destroy them!

  4. Tessa is so cute! Enjoyed reading The Passionate Penny Pincher and put her on my Lovely Reads.

  5. Family time is the best, Laura!


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