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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Have you noticed my new blog look?

I am still doing some tweaking, but I am loving it. I want to give a huge shout out to my theme designer, Kate at Blog Flair Design, who so very sweetly put up with my craziness over the past week. She is a real star.

I think it is important for your web page to reflect your personality and what you want to accomplish, and I think I have finally accomplished that. 

When I started my blog many years ago it was strictly to promote my Etsy shop, and although that is still part of what I am doing things are constantly evolving. 

After a while I wanted to expand my writing and so diversified into talking about my life and family. 

There was only so much I could share about my family before they disowned me, so I diversified further into home decor. 

As life and the times changed I realized that I wanted to diversify even more and I needed my website to reflect that. I also wanted a site that was easier to navigate so that visitors could find what they were looking for. 

What started out as a single focus blog has turned into a website and blog combined. I am now an Amazon associate with my own storefront, where I share great Amazon finds, a Like To Know It influencer, where you can shop my style, and of course I still have my Etsy shop, which is full of fabulous vintage and antique finds. 

Yes, you can learn new things as you grow older. When I was pursuing a masters degree in my forties I found that I love learning. I believe that learning new things helps to keep our minds young and keeps us engaged with the world around us. 

I will always keep looking for new opportunities, and I hope that you will be your always kind selves as I continue to grow this space and work out the kinks.

Thank you so much for going on this journey with me. I see lots of fun in all of our futures.


  1. OMG beautiful. Love it. Super serene and pretty. xoxo Kris

  2. It is truly gorgeous. Great job! I tend to think our blog design is much like decorating our homes. It represents us as bloggers.

  3. It's very lovely and serene like Kris said! I only have one problem.. with one ad that keeps popping up right in the middle of the text! and I can't make it go away so I can't read some of you text. It has been happening for awhile now.. not just this new design. Just thought I'd let you know! Otherwise, very nice. You have certainly diversified and isn't that fun? and that's what happens when we start with one idea.. usually it does evolve into other things that we become interested in. My blog also started as just a way to promote my Close to My Heart business... and now it is more just sharing my life and crafting fun. You are doing great with your Amazon storefront too! Best of luck in all your endeavors! I will continue to follow it all! Marilyn

  4. I use Privacy Badger, so I see no ads (23 hidden for me now)

    I love that gentle muted pink across the banner. Does it have a name?

  5. Your blog looks fantastic, kudos to you and Kate at Blog Fair. One of the many reasons that I like your blog is
    your quirky sense of humour. Thank you for always making my day brighter. 🇨🇦


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