Monday, June 21, 2021

In Australia, a traditional art deco home has been transitioned into an inviting Scandinavian influenced modern space. Simple framed prints, and baskets are found throughout the home.

The homeowner loved the clean lines of Nordic design and so commissioned a designer to transform the previously dark home into a light and airy space.

Pale blue chairs, white soaring backgrounds, a round jute rug and light wood floors contribute to the feel.

The modern chandelier draws the eye upward.

A geometric bookshelf, a mix of white plant pots with a variety of indoor houseplants, and a blue armless side chair with a faux fur peacock rug lead to a bright outdoor space.

After adding a few houseplants the homeowner fell in love with them and soon filled the house with plants. 

The clean light look continues in the dining area with a modern  blonde wood table and chairs.

The owner chose more traditional furniture for the bedroom which features a dark wood sleigh bed and side tables

Photos and information for this post were sourced from Adore Magazine

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  1. Very pretty. Love all the white with the darker wood furniture. A little modern for me but still very pretty. Happy New Week. xoxo

  2. I find myself finding Nordic design more and more appealing. I like it. Soft touches of color is calming. I'm in the midst of "calming" down the colors in my living/dining spaces.

  3. It's all pretty, but I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful floors! So shiny!!


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