Friday, June 25, 2021

We are past the summer solstice, which means summer is in full swing. 

I don't know about you, but I am not exactly in swimsuit shape so I have got to step up my fitness plans. (starting with getting up out of my chair.

let's get physical, physical..

I've heard that rebounders are a great exercise, but I have always been afraid that with my level of clutziness I would rebound myself into the next county. I love this rebounder though because it has a bar to hold on to.

If you have anger issues you may want to try boxing, and these pretty in pink gloves will help you to work off some of the week's frustrations.

You might want to reconsider using those gloves on your boss. This punching bag is a much better option.

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream after you get into rowing shape with this rowing machine.

I like the idea of riding this foldable exercise bike while watching Britbox TV.

workout fashion

When you are ready to hop on that bike, you are going to need some cute new active shorts.

Don't forget a moisture wicking top.

And a tank top for those really hot days ahead.

If you are being run off your feet you might want to try a pair of these.

more workout ideas

Many of us are venturing back to the gym for classes, while some of us will will continue to workout at home. 

It just might be time for a new yoga mat no matter where you practice it.

I have one of these water bottle holders and I love it.

You might not need this bike helmet for that indoor bike, but you will definitely need it when you hit the road.

I admit that I am old school and like to keep track of things in books. This book will help you plan for and keep track of your exercise program.

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  1. I love those shoes, especially the colors. I've had my yoga mat from when I lived in TX. Wish I could get down on the floor again to use it.

  2. You found some great finds that are all fabulous but would probably sit in my condo lol! I need to get motivated to get in better shape. Love those tennis shoes. Happy Friday. xoxo

  3. I like the journal!! I really need to exercise more and I think it'd keep me accountable.

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