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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

When your home reflects your heart you find serenity and your home becomes your sanctuary.

As I look back at these old photos from a year ago I notice how many things are still the same, but that I have since added a few new accessories to give my home a new feel. 

cottage bedroom haven

I love looking at all the new designs for home interiors. Each year lists come out that tell us what we should "want" for our homes in order to keep up with the latest trends. 

If we don't "have" or especially if we don't "want" those design elements then we are somehow made to feel lacking. 

living room gallery wall

Each year the lists change, and what was fashionable just a year before is now outdated.

Those changes may bring you thousands of Instagram followers and make for glossy photos, but do they make you happy? As a former counselor I can tell you that happiness is something that goes hand in hand with a feeling of serenity. 

cottage bedroom style

My longtime readers can tell you, I love the English country cottage look, and even though I live in a small city apartment in Atlanta that is how I choose to decorate my home. 

You may love country, cottage, farmhouse, industrial, eclectic, or mid century modern. Maybe you love an all white home or a home full of color. 

English cottage style living room

Yes, I love to read online magazines, shop online, and change elements in my space, but I know what gives me a sense of comfort when I walk through my door. 

Looking at what other people have done with my style of decorating gives me new ideas for my own home. That is something I have loved for as long as I can remember. 

comfortable living room chair corner

Styles will come and go, but the things that really matter are the things that bring us joy. 

Your home is a reflection of who you are.  

A home is a haven when you can shut out unwanted outside interference. It is when you can look around and see the things that make you smile, and when you know it is your own style. 

Making your home your haven is simple and serene living at its best. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! How true. There is no place like (your own) home.

  2. I agree Laura. If you stay with what you love in your own home no matter what the style or new trend is you will always be happy. Our homes are our sanctuary so it should reflect what we love. I am a neutral girl as you know but love love to see people with color and other styles. It is just fun to see all the different and creative ways people live in their homes. In the end when we come back home we need to feel safe and that serenity. Great post. xoxo Kris

  3. I love your blog and have been subscribed for a long time. For some reason when you send out a new post, I get it still, but there is no content to open.

  4. There are our pretty floral sheets! If you ever find any others similar to those at a good price, let me know! I love mixing it up with the throw pillows. And I'm getting ready to put a lot more art on my walls...should be a challenge! Love your pretty home!

  5. Love the view from your bedroom window!

  6. I stay with what I love for our home. I like being true to what makes us happy and what we love. If you decorate with what you love then your house is your haven

  7. I love your cozy and serene home!!!

  8. Your home is very homey and cozy. Your style is pretty much MY style! I love it all... and I surround myself at my home with things I love, and things with sentimental value. I haven't ever (except when I was about 25) bought a new piece of furnitre! It's all bargain finds or hand-me-downs.. things I love that other family or friends had! I never really "decorate"... I just add to what I've had for many many many years! I too love the big bedroom window that goes down so low.. the view is lovely.. wish I had room in my bedroom to have a little sitting chair and plant stand, but our room is small and has a king bed! So barely enough room for one dresser and 2 tiny nightstands. Take care! Marilyn

  9. Visiting your home gives me joy. Lots of pretties and comforting textiles.

  10. Laura, your home is so charming and I agree with you about the serenity. Other than my kids' room, over which they have control, the room in this house have been basically the same for almost two decades. I change out little things, but the paint and furniture have been constant. They still make me happy!


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