Monday, June 14, 2021

Finding a home within their budget that didn't need much renovation was the dream of these homeowners, and so they were thrilled when this property came on the market.

Many new homeowners find that after huge renovation costs their budget doesn't stretch to decorating their new home. This property just required removing the downstairs bathroom to open up the living area, which left them with a budget to put their stamp on the home.

Living Room

The couple wanted a look that combined scandi with modern country to give the home a modern cottage feel. 

Deep blue walls contrast with light colored trim and floors to give the living room a cozy yet airy feel.

The mirrored coffee table helps to maximize light.

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen is light and bright with its white walls and cupboards. 

The basic Ikea kitchen is upgraded with copper fittings.

In the dining area, unable to find the perfect table, the owner upcycled a farmhouse style table, giving the top and the chairs a dark varnish finish to contrast with the walls.

Pendant lights are a beautiful feature.

Master Bedroom

The owners created a relaxed feel in the master bedroom.

A colorful throw rug, velvet throw pillows, wall mounted bedside lights, and an upholstered bed all add to the ambience.


The bathroom is light and bright with the white tile and light colored wood vanity.

A simple mirror is perfect for the space.

Information and photos sourced from Ideal Home.

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  1. Love this townhome. I love her kitchen and bath of course with the neutral and wood tones with white. I love that look too. The bedroom is gorgeous but not my style. I like serene and light and airy in my bedroom but what is great is how she blended the dark walls with her white in the bedroom. Great home tour. Happy Monday Laura. xoxo Kris

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    1. I just fired Mail Chimp. What a mess they made of it. I have now moved to Madmimi. Feedburner is going away in July so I had to make a change. There are also more changes coming to the blog. Stay tuned.

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