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Friday, February 5, 2021

I think Covid fatigue has set in, as it seems to have done for most people. It has been 11 months since I started to self isolate and sometimes I get sick of my own company. 

When the virus eased up at bit in the summer I masked up and made my way back into the grocery stores, but as it has intensified again I am either doing delivery or curbside pickup. I prefer doing the pickup as I don't have to pay a delivery fee or a tip. Pennies count. 

I am still doing visits with my family. Wednesday was my oldest daughter Cary's birthday so we double masked and had a birthday visit on Katy's front porch. It was just the three of us for the afternoon and although it was only 47 degrees the sun was shining on us and it didn't feel too bad. 

Katy served us decaf coffee and some homemade gluten free bread, which was delicious. I had picked up some cupcakes from the gluten free bakery, which Cary took home with her. Spending time alone with my daughters is definitely one of my favorite things to do. 

I made a play date with Tessa for this next Monday. We will be doing something really important like hunting dinosaurs or playing Little House on the Prairie in her backyard. Hopefully she can be persuaded to put on some shoes and a jacket. That child does not feel the cold and she hates wearing shoes. 

It's been two weeks since I got my first Pfizer vaccine, which means I have about 50% immunity at this point. I should be getting my next one at the end of next week, but they haven't given us a schedule yet. 

I'll definitely be glad to get that. I know that I will have about 95% immunity a week after that so I am going to make an appointment with the dentist. I've been putting it off, but my aching tooth is telling me I need to get in there. I also need to see the dermatologist. 

Have any of you been postponing medical appointments because of the virus?

Blogging has been taking a backseat lately because I have been focusing on my Etsy shop. It is where I make most of the extra money that I need to get by every month. It's amazing how many things I still have to list since I haven't been in a thrift store or gone to an auction for almost a year. 

etsy collage

I'm finally getting the vintage jewelry in the shop along with more china, linens, and vintage fashion.

I don't feel like I can complain too much. I know many of you have  been bombarded with snow, while I saw a tree yesterday that looks like it will be blooming soon. The daffodils should be blooming soon too and that is always such hopeful sign for me.

Spring will be here before we know it.


  1. The vintage jewelry is so pretty! And how nice to be near family to spend time with them! It's been a long year for sure!

  2. good to 'hear' from you. I'm glad you got to spend time with your daughters. Is the picture of you and Cary? It is lovely.
    I would be interested in the story behind those wheels in the tree. Was that a Tessa idea?
    I wished we lived closer for I could help supply you with goodies for your shop. (I'm in Ohio!) I've been giving items away on my local Buy Nothing Facebook group. You may find some items there that would meet your needs. It is contact-free pickup. Happy February!

  3. I am right there with you on the covid fatigue.... your granddaughter is adorable. How I wish I couldn't feel the cold anymore. I have been putting of the dentist and its been a huge mistake. I am now sitting here with a massive tooth abscess, the entire left side of my face all the way up to my eye is swollen and I have a fever.. so yes, go to the dentist if you're in pain. Soon as this infection is gone its the first place Im going

  4. I think we all feel your fatigue. I have had a couple of dentist appointment in the past two months that could not be put off. My dentist is doing his own office all by himself. So it is just him in the office to keep things and people safer. He does everything to make it feel safe and so far so good. I am so happy you have gotten your first vaccine and the next one soon. That will give you a little less stress. I wish I could get mine but will have to wait until the next group. Glad you could celebrate your daughter's birthday. Living in the midwest 47 and sunny feels really good to us. We are so use to the cold here that when it gets above freezing and the sun is out it feels great. Have a great Friday and weekend. xoxo

  5. I went out with Charlie earlier and noticed the spring bulbs are coming up. Is that a chicken Tessa is holding?

  6. Yes, Covid fatigue has definitely set in for so many of us. Some days I have to focus on a given task to avoid going down the 'covid fatique rabbit hole'. So incredibly tiresome! Make the best of your days.


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