Friday, February 12, 2021

There is a lot to pack into today's blog post, and if I wasn't such a slacker I would have written two posts this week.

This past week was beautiful in Atlanta. Warm days with sunny skies meant a chance to spend lots of time outdoors enjoying it all. 

Monday was the start of the warmer weather and I decided to take advantage of it and have some outdoor family time. I hadn't visited with Trixie for awhile so the first order of business was for Tessa and I to head out to the backyard and see what that chicken was up to. 

Trixie is still very unhappy about having to still be cooped up with those much less intelligent chickens and ducks, but it is for her own safety as the coyote is still lurking around. 

As soon as I called her name she came up to the chicken wire to let me know that she is not being treated well. She then played a game with Tessa and a pencil where she followed the pencil round and round with her head and tried to get it. She is an absolute genius chicken, and Tessa and I will not allow any argument on that.

Tessa had decided that she wanted to play a game of searching for a magic spell, so we spent the next hour or so tromping around the backyard. When I heard rustling in the bushes where the coyote had been  I decided it was time to head to the front  and the safety of the porch.

I'm all in on fighting magical creatures, but not so sure I want to tackle a real coyote.

Today is my daughter Katy's birthday. She has to get a covid test this morning before some scheduled medical tests next week (she hasn't been anywhere since June when she went for some tests) and I am getting my second covid vaccine today, so along with cooler rainier weather today we decided to get together on her front porch Wednesday afternoon.

Katy and I a few short years ago

I picked up some cupcakes at the gluten free bakery and headed over to Katy's where Cary joined us for a nice couple of hours. The fact that it was 70 degrees helped me to want the visit to never end. 

Now about those spring flowers. One of the perks of living in Atlanta is a much milder and shorter winter. I expect the daffodils to bloom in February and I was not disappointed. 

I wasn't expecting to see a blooming iris, but it was a nice little bonus. 

Lots of rain coming up, but I'm happy it isn't snow and ice.


  1. Covid vaccine and Cupcakes... my two favorite things. Enjoy your weekend, Laura!

  2. I am so jealous of you seeing Spring flowers already. All we are seeing is snow and ice. Glad you could celebrate your sweet daughter's birthday. Have a good weekend. Enjoy that beautiful weather. xoxo

  3. I'm so glad you have those special times with Tessa. And Trixie too. I hope all goes well with Katie and your second vaccine.

  4. I must admit that I scrolled back up to check the date on your post when I saw all the spring flowers!! I have been in Ohio far too long when I forget that the southeast gets spring long before us northerners!! Beautiful to see daffodils and iris bright shiny faces.
    Love the idea of a magic hunt and playing games with Trixie. Tessa sounds like an ideal playmate.
    Happy Valentine's Day. I'm so glad you are near your daughters and are able to spend time with them.

  5. I'm amazed that you are seeing flowers!! We are under about 5 inches of snow and not a shoot or popup in sight! More snow expected too. Ugh. Our daffodils come up usually in early March around here. Glad you got to see your dtr and granddtr and play a little bit. It's so great to live close to your family and I know that you are glad you made that move! I live 5 hours from my son and hate it! Enjoy that warm weather! Marilyn


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