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Friday, January 22, 2021

Okay, my blog title might not be completely accurate, Yes I have been taking some time off, but it may more accurately be because I just wanted to spend some time away from it all. 

January has been a stressful month with Covid raging and the attack on our Capital, and I have spent the month primarily at home. I did finally go and visit my daughters and grandchildren on Tuesday. I definitely needed a Tessa fix, but she was pretty much of a cranky pants. 

Cary took this photo of Tessa watching the children's special programming of the inauguration. She was enthralled sitting there in her pajamas and the pearl necklace I gave her.

I am ordering my groceries again as I don't want to go into the grocery store, but the good news is I am scheduled to get my first Covid vaccine this morning. We are having a vaccine clinic in my apartment building so I don't have to go anywhere that I might be exposed. 

They were working hard on getting it all set up yesterday and even had cute little ladybug timers to set for the 15 minutes we have to be monitored. 

I have been thinking about what to focus my energy (do I still have any of that?) on and have decided to work harder on my Etsy business. Fortunately I still have lots of inventory to list in my shop. as I haven't been able to go out searching for new items for almost a year.

I think it is good that I am getting things sold that are taking up space that I would like to have for new inventory when I am able to get back out there and hit the thrift stores and auctions. Also, it is forcing me to get a bit more organized as I go through closets and cupboards. 

I have an amazing amount of vintage jewelry and I am having fun getting that in the shop. The fact is I really don't need any new stuff right now, but I sure do miss the hunt. 

I'm hoping that a couple of weeks after I get the second vaccine I will be able to go into my favorite thrift store again. Of course I will continue to mask up, social distance, and wash my hands. 

In other exciting news I gave my living room a good spring cleaning including washing the one large window and now that I have had a week to recuperate I am moving on to the bedroom. Try not to get over excited about that news. 

Well now that I have taken a bite out of the old bullet I will try to start posting more regularly again and visiting blogs. I feel pretty optimistic about things. It's almost February and in Georgia that means the daffodils will be up soon. 


  1. You have decorated your home so beautifully! Glad you are getting the vaccine today. They are giving them here at our Publix so I hope to get mine soon too. Hugs!

  2. How great they are giving you the vaccine's right where you live. That is so awesome. Ha Ha about cleaning your windows. I have been cleaning out closets and under my sink in the kitchen and bathroom. So I think I have you topped in the fun department! It is amazing what ends up in the back of the cabinets lol! Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. xoxo Kris

  3. Great news about getting your vaccine and right there even better.

    I have been organizing closets and it feels so great getting organized.

    We all seem to do it around this time of year.


  4. As you know from our conversations, I am feeling more optimistic as well. Good for you for getting that vaccine. I hope to get mine soon. I always feel a warmth when I visit your blog when I see the inside of your apartment. It is so cozy.

  5. Nice to 'see' you! We all have to do whatever it takes to heal everything that affects our well being. Visiting your blog is always nice.

    Take good care and I hope receiving your vaccine was a good experience.

  6. Here in Illinois, things are opening back up, including restaurants.

    Your plants look so pretty in that tiered basket by the window.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Congratulations on the vaccination!
    We are still waiting for news of ours to arrive.


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