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Saturday, September 26, 2020

When the exterminator came into my apartment this week he asked if I had any pets. I responded with nope, nothing that bites, barks, claws, or scratches, but I do have lots of houseplants. I guess my plants have taken the place of the other pets I used to have. 

A couple of days ago I went to visit the garden center, which I call my happy place because I feel so serene when I visit there. I went with a specific purchase in mind, a hanging spider plant. Unfortunately they seemed to have everything except that, but I of course couldn't leave empty handed. 

This sparked my interest because of its large two toned leaves and it just seemed to hop into my cart along with some more potting soil. 

It is an Aglaonema Silver Bay or commonly known as a Chinese Evergreen. It is a plant I didn't already have so I was happy to find it. Finding plants that like low to medium light can be difficult. 

My living room/dining room and my bedroom are quickly filling up with plants.

This three tier wicker stand has been in my bedroom since I moved, but I didn't get it for that purpose and I wasn't happy with it there. It does however make a perfect stand for plants in front of my living room window, and when sitting in my chair it helps to block the view of the parking lot next door. 

By the way the stand was free. I picked it by the dumpster at an old apartment I lived in. A home stager left it there along with some other brand new items. 

I love grouping plants in my apartment and plants love to be grouped. I think it is important to use different types of plants and containers together.

Don't forget that plants can bring your eye upwards and the tops of tall pieces of furniture are great places to nestle a plant. 

Is it possible to have too many houseplants? If so I haven't reached my limit yet. I'm sure I will probably switch out the vintage linens in that wicker stand for more plants at some point.

These are just some of my living area plants and there are of course more plants in my bedroom, but I will save those for another day.


  1. Houseplants are so good for the air inside your home! You have a beautiful place for them too!

  2. Laura I have that same issue how you are just meandering through and something just jumps into the cart like that lol! Plants give you such beautiful and clean air. Happy Weekend. Kris

  3. House plants, in my book, are the perfect compliment to a home. Not only does it purify the air we breathe, but they make a home look cozy.

  4. Plants can and do add so much to a home. Sadly, I have a very brown thumb so my home is bare. I keep thinking maybe one plant would be wonderful to have. In recent months my daughter has discovered a true love for houseplants and I'm amazed at the beauty and peacefulness they add to her home.
    I have to admit that when I first discovered your blog I was in the awe of all the ways you've used plants to decorate.


  5. I love lots of plants nestled together.. I used to have them, but over the years, as they died off, I didn't replace them, as I had cats, and all my kitties usually have loved (and still do!) digging in the plants in the house. So now we have one lonely Christmas Cactus left that I have to keep out of reach of the cats.. so it hasn't grown much as never has good light. My mom used to have a green thumb.. I have one for outside flowers and plants, but not so much for house plants... I would have more I'm sure if not for the kitties. That wicker stand sure was a find too! Marilyn

  6. I have a lot of plants, too! Most of them are in the guest room in front of the two windows. I have a few others in the kitchen (on top of the fridge, on top of a narrow china cabinet, and on top of a stool) and a couple more in the living room. I have spider plants but I have to keep those in places inaccessible to my cat, Monkey, as he eats them!

  7. Your plans are beautiful! I think plants make a place look so happy and cozy. Perhaps they're actually pack animals, so they like being grouped. Lol They sure are pretty that way. I will have to look into getting a spider plant. I had a huge one at the farmhouse for years. PS. Thanks for the tip re Trader Joe's decaf!


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