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Saturday, September 19, 2020

In my last post I showed you some small changes in my dining area. If you missed that you can read it here and today I wanted to share some of my bedroom.

Fall is in the air, and although it will be awhile before we see any really cool weather in Georgia, I can feel the changes coming. This is always the time of year that I feel the urge to make my home cozy and comfortable, and with Covid still keeping me primarily at home I am feeling it even more this year. 

I haven't been completely satisfied with my bedroom for awhile, but haven't been sure exactly what I wanted to change. 

I bought this dressing table and mirror at an auction several years ago. 

It was a great deal for $45. Especially as it came with a wood and rattan stool that I later sold for $45. Hmmm, that made it free. 

I have never really loved the beige color and was thinking about repainting it, but after adding the blue chair, a $1 yard sale buy, and the blue hat I have decided to leave it as is for now. 

I don't buy many things new, and my bedroom is a good example of that. 

I did get the two brass candlestick lamps new about forty five years ago, but I owned a clothing boutique and traded for them. 

Some of my other purchases for this room include the iron bed for $25. (I talked the seller down from $50.) I found the oil painting, which is an early original reproduction of the painting Whistling Boy by Frank Duveneck at an estate sale and paid $10 for it. (yes, that was a steal) The butterfly prints were my mom's and the antique rug was sitting under some things at a garage sale. I moved the stuff off the rug, rolled it up, and walked out with it for $5.


I bought the hat rack new from Home Goods last year. I originally intended to use it in my front hall, but right after I painted it I found an iron one while thrifting that I liked better in there. The sweet picnic basket is holding more of my vintage jewelry and was a great buy for $2. 

There are other things to be done in this room, but I am already feeling cozy in here.

Living in a small apartment doesn't have to be generic, and decorating with beautiful things doesn't have to be super expensive. 

It takes some searching to find great deals, but for me that is half the fun.


  1. Thank you for the lovely tour of areas of your bedroom. It does look cozy. You sparked my memory of a 'hat rack' that I found a few years ago at a thrift store and have never put up. I have a need & will act on it. With my grandson's school requiring more home space this strange year,I need to be more space savvy.

  2. Oh WOW! I have the exact same sheets on my bed right now! I love the soft colors of's so hard to find pretty floral prints too. Love the small dresser. The blue hat hanging on it? You need to wear that! Hugs!

  3. What a beautiful, peaceful, feminine bedroom!

  4. Beautiful changes, love the bed and baskets.


  5. It looks very balanced now. You have a good eye.

  6. It does indeed look VERY cozy! Quilts and soft lamp light make a bedroom oh so nice and inviting. I too love those printed sheets... you just don't find them much anymore it seems. And I love love love the dressing table and mirror! I had a similar one years ago that was my mom's.. and when I was going to move and trying to pare down, I actually sold it at my yard sale for $15 and I've kicked myself ever since. I so wish I had it back. My bedroom has been the exact same since we moved to this house 5 years ago, and I'm getting the itch to change it up... hard to "winterize" it with pink walls though! Some thought needs to go into that! Marilyn

  7. So very pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  8. What a great reval dear friend ! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. Love seeing your sweet bedroom. I like it all. This is where we can go for peace at night and we want it to reflect calm and cozy. You have that in your room. Happy Sunday. xoxo Kris

  10. Your bedroom is positively darling. I love the stories behind your treasures. Have a wonderful week, dear Laura.

  11. I was telling a friend about your blog and your beautiful bedroom so she took a quick peek. She was instantly smitten with your Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt on your bed. I, on the other hand, completely missed it. We're quilters and usually spot quilts in a room. The throw pillow is lovely, as well.


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