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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I remember last summer how those of us who live in Georgia were complaining about the lack of rain.

Well, hello Georgia winter. We are making up for it now. 

There must be a happy medium somewhere. A place between too much and too little. 

I am not a lover of the cold or of too much gray. I don't like singing "don't know why there's no sun up in the sky, stormy weather". I would much rather be dancing around singing "blue skies, nothing but blue skies".

Yesterday I met up with my new peer group. There were five of us there this time. I knew two of the women, but the other two were new to me. 

Interesting the things you find you have in common. Like me, one of the women's father was a WWII POW in Germany as was my father. Her father died when she was one, so she didn't know much about him. 

The other woman's daughter went to the same boarding school where I went in North Carolina. Of course she was there about 40 years after me so our paths didn't exactly cross. 

I like that we just sit and chat for a couple of hours. They all belong to a book club that they have asked me to join. I may join later on, but I seem to be unable to work in much reading at the moment.

Today I am meeting up for lunch with a blog reader. That should be fun. She is visiting from out of state with plans to move here next fall. 

So, even though there's no sun up in the sky, life seems pretty sunny. 


  1. First, I LOVE the post title! Has a nice rhythm to it. I'm so glad you're meeting women there to talk to. We didn't get so far as to get blooms on trees as you did. I thought you grew up in Canada? Maybe just part of your childhood?

  2. How fun you will meet up with a blogger friend. If I ever come your way I want to meet up too! Have fun. Your group sounds great that you met with. Maybe join the book club and get the book they are reading on tape and listen to it while you are doing other things or driving in the car. Have a great day. We are bitterly cold up here in Illinois but the sun is out thankful for that.

  3. How fun to meet a sister blogger!
    I have never been part of a book club but have always wanted to be!
    Maybe someday....

  4. Laura, I so happy that you have new friends . It all sounds interesting to me.Also meeting a blog friend is the best time. I have meet up with a few and totally enjoyed it. We are like family. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Hi Laura! I followed your IG for a long time but just realized I don't see any of your posts anymore so guess at some point I accidentially unfollowed you?? I have no idea what happened! But I always enjoyed your vintage finds, always so jealous of you lol! But anyway, I found you on IG and following you again. Happy to have come across your blog from Cloches & Lavender. Looking forward to following you here too, have a wonderful rest of the week~

  6. Laura... how fun that you are meeting a blog reader!! We've had a lot of rain too. I'm not complaining tho because it is not snow!! We've been so lucky this year! Can't wait to hear about your lunch. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. What a neat meet up. I've found that as I've gotten older, my social circle (in real life anyway) had become smaller. Families move away when the kids graduate, divorces, etc. I would love to find a peer group of like minded friends to meet with in person. And my dad was in Germany in WWII...or I should say he flew over it. He was a tail gunner, and was shot down several times, in enemy territory, but luckily he was never captured. Enjoy the weekend.


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