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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Thrifting is a big part of my business. I have always attended auctions and yard sales, but I didn't do a lot of thrift store shopping because Kentucky just didn't have many thrift shops.

It was pretty much Goodwill or nothing and the Goodwill stores there had really raised their prices.

Rare Coaching Days plates from the 1930s

Atlanta is a whole different story. I am finding more and more thrift stores and they are proving to be pretty great. 

That being said I just can't walk into a thrift store and start plucking things off the shelves, pay, and walk out. I wish it was that easy.

This is basically how I proceed, with the assumption that I will find some great stuff. I usually do, but not always. I definitely want to be prepared though. so I grab a shopping cart

Beautiful Redcliff covered vegetable dish

I head for the homegoods first because this is what I primarily sell. As I move through the isles I put things that I think I might want into the cart. I know what I like and have a pretty good eye for things and a ball park figure for what they will sell for.

After I have checked out all of the vintage homegoods, I quickly look at the furniture to see if there is something I might want (like the piece I am looking for to go behind my setee) and then start looking through the clothes, as I am now selling on Poshmark.

 How sweet is this 1972 Alva official museum reproduction

Once again I add things to my cart to sort through when I am finished shopping. 

Now is when I have to start making decisions about what I will purchase. 

This is where my cell phone comes in. If I am not sure what I can resell something for I research it. I also take time to really check over each item to see if there are any flaws I didn't notice when I first picked it up. 

Perfect pottery bowl for a farmhouse kitchen

If something doesn't measure up it goes back on the shelf or rack. Next I wait patiently in line, pay, and load it into my car. 

When I get it home a whole new process begins. 

Thrifting and selling isn't for everyone. Not everyone has the time or desire to get out there and find the treasures they want. That is why they need resellers like me, and I love it. To me there is nothing like the thrill of the hunt.


  1. I have found a great thrift store and antique mall we visit that's not too far. The great thing is the thrift store has an Instagram page. If I see something I want I send them a message and pick it up. We found a beauty I am working on now for $35.

    Happy hunting!


  2. I wouldn't have your patience. And the thrift shops here are terrible. Have you considered a bar cart for behind the settee? They are usually on rollers and in small places one can usually always find extra uses for bar carts. I bought one yesterday to put my towels on since I'm using what I did have them on somewhere else.

  3. Both of my daughters are re-sellers - one is doing it full time, the other does it part time to help pay for her masters. It's amazing how much money they can make!! I sell on Poshmark but I haven't had a sale in quite a while, sigh. I was doing good for a while there!

  4. I love the things you have shown us Laura. You really have a keen eye. I wish I were young again, I love junking and no longer do it...because I need to thin things out around here. LOL. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  5. Hi Laura. We have a pretty good variety of thrift stores. So you can find some great things if you have the time to go and really look. If you love doing this and put the work into and make some money that is so great. Plus you are recycling things to be used by a new person. Love it.
    Happy Wednesday.


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