Monday, January 27, 2020

Are you a planner, do you like to do things spontaneously, or are you a bit of both?

I like to do a bit of both, but I also like to write down the things I want to do and have scheduled for the week ahead.

I'm a bit old school in how I keep track of things. I like a good old fashioned planner that I can hold in my hand.

Yes, I have an iphone and I do use it to also remind me of appointments, but to me it is not the same. 

This week looks to be a busy week. I seem to have something planned for each day, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I will stick to that schedule. 

Some things like PT and an annual meeting of my apartment building can't be moved, but there are other things like going to a new bank to set up a new account that I can move to free up a day.

Saturday I finally bit the bullet and went back to water aerobics. 

Much of the exercise hurt my knee, so I will talk to the physical therapist about it. Also, I had forgotten about the headache I get from chlorine. The chlorine in that pool is so strong I have a hard time getting the smell off my skin.

I will have to reassess. 

I did go back to chair yoga on Friday. I like that class and it was easier the second time. I didn't try to push myself as hard through some of the movements that were painful. 

I'm also going to look into doing chair yoga at home. My daughter does Yoga with Adrienne. She even went to Colorado last year to take a class with her. She is on YouTube if you are interested. She has Chair Yoga for Seniors. I'm just glad she didn't call it Yoga for Old People, which is how my body is feeling at the moment. 

Today is half off thrifting day. I haven't been going much the last couple of months, but I am revving my online businesses back up this month. 

What do you have planned this week?

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  1. I had been thinking of doing a water aerobics class for my knees. Years ago I really liked it, but when the coldest part of winter came, but had to stop because I got too chilled to the bone when I came out in the weather to drive home. I had forgotten all about how that chlorine used to bother me a lot back then. My most recent knee replacement is still too weak. I don't think I could complete a full class right now, like I used to, so I was thinking about more toward spring. I'm glad you mentioned that chlorine, it would have been bad to have signed up for the class, gone there, and then remembered about that strong chlorine.

  2. Glad you found the chair Yoga class. I would love to do Yoga but did not think I could pull that off. I will have to look to see if there is a chair class like you have. Glad you are feeling like getting back into this. My joints especially my arthritic knees are really showing with these cold days up here.
    Have a great week.

  3. I liked the chair yoga but I like walking in the forest even more....and I've learned I can't do everything! lol I am swooning over those old books. I'm trying to find a few more children's readers or old workbooks from the 50s and early 60s if you run across some! Let me know! Hugs!

  4. Hit and miss with me. If I write something down you can be sure I'll either lose it or Ivy will claim it. As for my phone, I only use it for coupons!

  5. I have a planner and like to buy a nice one with an upscale pen. I also enjoy stationary that way, too. A bit old fashioned, but I like it.

  6. I've been a planner for over 20 years. I also have an iPhone but I just can't seem to use it in that way. I need everything written down on paper in lists that I can see every day or I will forget everything. My planner is like my brain...LOL..


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