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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Do you like to window shop? I do. 

For a long time before I had my knee replacements I just wasn't able to wander around shops looking at all of the wonderful things. 

Now I can spend forever browsing when I find a shop I love. A few days ago I found one of those places. 

I had noticed a shop in my favorite shopping center called Westside Market. I wasn't sure exactly what it was so I decided to take a look and then another look, and another look, and.......oh my.

It is an amazing place of consignment spaces. It's very upscale. but there were a lot of things that I found to be reasonably priced.

I loved these handmade tapestry purses. They would be great for the fall and winter. I like that they are small and can be worn crossbody. Perfect for (window shopping) in the fall and winter. 

I almost moved into that space, but I couldn't figure out a place to hide at closing. 

There was some beautiful handmade jewelry and artwork. I saw several pairs of earrings that I loved, but I couldn't make up my mind. I think I'll go back this week and take another look. 

One thing I have been looking for is a coat rack to hang in my front hallway. I don't have anywhere to hang coats since I turned my front closet into a pantry.

I love the one above, but it is too rustic for my space. I guess I'll just have to keep going back, and back, and back to see if they get one in. 


  1. I will admit that I don't like any type of shopping anymore. When I was younger, shopping with friends was fun, but I don't have the patience for it anymore!

    1. I understand. I went through a phase like that too, but now that I am older I seem to have regressed back to my younger days. LOL!!

  2. This shop looks like it's filled with all sorts of treasures. If the rack isn't too much money would you buy it and add a wash of white paint.

    Maybe that would make it work.

    1. Actually where I want it has brass and gold framed mirrors so white wouldn't work in that area. Good idea though. :)

  3. That is where the fun is, going back again and again to look! I can't do much window shopping because my walking is limited. I'm so glad you're happy in your new town!

  4. Thanks, Brenda. I couldn't walk for so many years because of my knees so I am taking advantage of the fact I can now. I really love it here.

  5. I love window shopping. We have so many lovely little shops in our small, touristy town. I need to spend a day actually going in to some of the shops to browse.


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