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Saturday, July 20, 2019

As you know, if you have been reading my blog, I have been taking water aerobics classes. I started out at one class a week, moved up to two classes and now I am going three times a week. 

I really like it, and although I am not seeing much weight loss even with a low carb diet, I can tell that my clothes are starting to fit differently. I assume that maybe the fat is transforming into muscle.

Classes are fun. Well, they are usually fun, but Thursday was a wee bit different. Our regular Tuesday and Thursday instructor was away on vacation so we had a substitute teacher.

I'm sure you remember substitute teachers. They were the teachers that we ran all over. They either sat there doing nothing, while we made cootie catchers, or they tried to teach us things that we had no intention of listening to.

Our water aerobics substitute teacher was a different kettle of fish. She was young, fit, and I truly believe she was on leave from the army, where I feel quite certain she is a boot camp instructor. 

She barked out orders as she walked around the pool, while the national anthem of North Korea was playing. (we normally rock out to music from the 60s) There was no slacking off because she would let you know if you were doing it right or not. 

I pretty much kept up, but when she told us to jump up with both legs out in front of us and touch our toes I told the plebe closest to me that I preferred not to drown. 

Things kind of went down hill from there as I started to crack jokes and say yes sarge, no sarge. Thank goodness the parade marching music "drowned" me out.

I did manage to almost finish the class and I was able to walk not crawl out of there with most of my dignity intact. 

Well, today it's back to the Saturday instructor, who I used to think was pretty tough, but now I know is just a cupcake. I think I'll stop and get him some flowers on my way into class. 

P.S. No, the photos have nothing to do with the content of the post, but if you thought I was going to post a photo of me in a bathing suit then someone has been drinking too much of the pool water. 


  1. Laura, Three days is so good on your part. I enjoyed the description of the class with the young instructor. Keep up the good work. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Love the "bathing suit" photos!

  3. I've been to a few classes and they are quite a work out...this one more than most! Sure is good'll be so fit you'll WANT to show off in the swimsuit!

  4. Good news your clothes fitting differently you're loosing inches. Muscle weighs more than fat.


  5. Lol. What a hoot your sub was. If I were there with you I would have gotten us both kicked with joking around! Glad your regular instructor was back on Saturday. Happy weekend.

  6. Great story! Made me smile! Thanks!

  7. I have participated in swimnastics for 8 years. I love the water and was newly retired so was ready. This last 4 months I became the instructor. Made me laugh to read this. I wonder what my group of ladies say about me. HA!

  8. Wow, good for you. That is so impressive.I'm sure your students love you.


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