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Thursday, January 24, 2019

My kitchen is not huge, but the kitchen in the apartment that I am moving to is definitely smaller and I won't have room for my vintage kitchen cart like I have now. 

(You can see that I took the photo as is. I'm packing and didn't have the energy to pretty it up for a photo.) 

I don't need a huge kitchen. After all there is only one of me and I am not doing much in the way of major cooking or baking. 

Here are a couple of quick shots of the kitchen I will have in Georgia.

As you can see it is a galley style kitchen.

Although I don't do a lot of fancy cooking, I do need storage for all my kitchen gadgets and as there is not a lot of counter space I would like to keep things put away as much as possible. 

One idea is to utilize the wall at the end of the kitchen as vertical space. I found so many ideas on Pinterest that I meant to post this yesterday but suddenly found I was into the next day. I think I went into a Pinterest trance. 

There were of course lots of Ikea ideas. They really do have some great options, and as I will be close to one in Atlanta I can shop to my heart's content.

I love all of the different configurations and they hopefully wouldn't break the bank.

I have always liked the idea of pegboard in the kitchen. This really makes great use of the space. 

This is clever and cute. The homeowner has taken bed slats and turned them into a wall unit to hang kitchen gadgets.

I am getting a lot of great ideas, but I will have to wait until I finally move in order to make a decision.

In the meantime I'll be busy pinning ideas to my boards on Pinterest.


  1. I know you’re excited about moving to Atlanta.....I’m happy for you! What fun to make plans!

  2. I went to you pinterest boards,,,,great ideas!

  3. Laura, I think you will have less freezing temperatures in Atlanta. I wish you the very best. That peg board sure would be very cheap and useful. Plus you could paint any color or design on it. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  4. Laura this is going to be such a great move for you. You will be close to your family. I have a gallery kitchen in my tiny house so I know the challenges for storage. I used my german armoire as a pantry and I can store almost everything I have in there. Crock pots, mixers, pots and pans and food also. Do you have any room right outside of the kitchen to maybe put a cabinet on for extra storage. I love all the ideas you have to the wall at the end of the kitchen. Good luck getting ready for your move.

  5. Laura I have all my kitchen utensils hanging in a galvanized pocket on a wall. Wish I was close to IKEA. Not one in all of OK. When do you move?

  6. I don't need much in the way of a kitchen either. So excited for you. Pinterest is a place one can loose hours in!

  7. Excited for your move! A smaller kitchen is a challenge but I have no doubt you will rise to the occasion.

  8. Laura great ideas and I like the pegboard idea. Think, you'll be so much closer to your grandkids.

    Enjoy looking for solutions for storage.


  9. I am glad you are finally getting to move! Whoo Hooo....I also know how hard it is to downsize -especially in a small kitchen. You will figure it out- I know you will. At least you will be where you want to be finally. I think I missed it but when are you moving? xo Diana

  10. So many great inspiration photos, Laura! It will be fun decorating a new place!

  11. I love all the wall ideas for a kitchen. And I agree.. Pinterest can while away your hours very easily! I love the slats of wood to hold things too.. and putting little baskets on wall brackets. Looks like you'll have so much fixing up your new space to fit just YOU and the way you want it! Take care and don't work too hard! Marilyn

  12. Hi Laura. You are inspiring. You always find new ways to decorate. When is the big move? You will make your new digs as charming as your last apartment. I enjoy your posts and send wishes for a good and exciting new year of life! Susan

  13. I adore a pegboard in a kitchen, Laura!! Great ideas, you'll figure it out!!


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