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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How is it possible that it has been so long since I've posted? Time is really ticking on.

I have been so busy packing, finishing up the work on my mother's estate, and battling sickness that I haven't even felt like opening my computer.

Last week I woke up in the middle of the night with my arm killing me. I knew I must have pulled something packing so I got up in the dark to get some Tylenol. When I did I jammed my toe into a packed box. 

I had three choices. I could burst into tears, cuss, or start laughing hysterically. In the heat of the moment I think I may have done all three. 

Thank goodness I already had an appointment with the doctor the next day for what I knew was a sinus infection.

Diagnosis was yes, a sinus infection, a strained tendon in my arm, and I told him not to bother looking at my toe as there wasn't anything to be done about it anyway. 

He told me to go home, take my antibiotic, and rest. The antibiotic taking was easy. Resting, not so much.

I am next in line for an apartment in Atlanta so I am waiting for a call. Once she calls me I have to move in 30 days. It takes me a lot longer to pack than it used to, which is why there are boxes stacked all over my apartment. 

Meanwhile, I am trying to sell off everything in my booth as I won't be having a booth in Atlanta, and to add insult to injury I got a jury summons notice for February 28. My doctor has written a letter to try and get me excused, but I have to show up that day and present it to the judge. 

My father used to say "life gets teejus (tedious)". He sure was right.


  1. Stay strong. All will be well, eventually.

  2. I am glad to see a post to you and know that you are okay (kind of okay anyway). You can do this--I am so anxious for you to get your new apartment and I know you are anxious, too. Can't wait to see it! Good luck with the jury thing. xo Diana

  3. Moving gets harder and harder but once you are in Atlanta it will be so wonderful to near your family.

  4. Oh Laura you are getting tested in so many ways. I know this does not seem possible right now but it will all be great in the end. You will be in a new apartment and near your family soon. Keep you eye on the prize. I was so overwhelmed when I had to downsize and move a few years ago. I just would take one room a day and that way it felt less overwhelming. Good luck and take care of yourself. I know you have lots to do but you need to let your body heal too. Easier said than done. Wishing you better days.

  5. Hello dear Laura. You are going through a lot of "tejus" things right now. Know that it will all pass and be worth the worry and pain. Transitions are always that way, I guess. Your photos are lovely and you are on the brink of a major adventure! You know that I wish you the very best. It's always a joy to see when you do post! Susan

  6. Laura you are not having it easy right now. Try and picture yourself settled near your loves.

    I sound ridiculous with everything coming at once. Believe me I know it gets to a point where enough is enough.

    Hang in there


  7. Oh wow, you have a lot going on, Laura! So much for simple and serene living!!

  8. Laura, I broke a toe a few months ago and rest is the only solution… I know it's easier said than done!

  9. Laura, I hope by now you are much better. I would love to back to town and yet I hate the thought of packing and moving. Wish Someone would do it for me. LOL. Now you know that's a joke. Who would ever want that job. I hope you get a wonderful apartment, one you will love and enjoy. My daughter's new apartment is so nice...except the kitchen what a tiny spot. She likes most things about it and hates a couple. Stay healthy and strong young lady. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  10. Oh Laura so sorry about your arm and toe and being sick. It all seems to hit us at once doesn't it? Your move is going to happen sooner than you thought? I thought it was more like 6 months or so! That part is VERY exciting for you and I hope you do find some help with your moving, carrying, etc. I fractured a toe once years ago, and it took forever to heal. I limped around for months, but it eventually healed.... all you can do is stay off of it as much as possible, which isn't easy when packing and then moving. Get some help if you can! Have you seen the apartment you'll be moving to? Do you like it, the size, etc.??? Keep us posted! Marilyn

  11. I hope you are feeling much better now. You've had so much to contend with! I want to thank you for the sweet comment this morning too. The dolls...I hadn't thought about them! hahaha! Must be those naughty dolls! lol I hope this week is a good one! AND...I hope I get Lavender Dreams BACK!!! Hugs!

  12. I hope your feeling better and that your move is coming together.


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