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Thursday, January 25, 2018

In pregnancy women often feel the need to nest. Nesting is the urge to clean and organize. 

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't only happen in pregnant women. I am definitely in a nesting mode. 

In the last few days I have gone from being a complete sloth to spring cleaning and organizing my home. 

In a very small apartment like mine, it is really hard to find a place for everything so I am looking on Amazon for solutions and I am getting rid of things. 

My questions are why do I hold on to things that I no longer need or use and why do I have so many papers? 

Yesterday I cleaned out the linen closet in my bathroom and gave the whole room a good scrubbing. Old makeup, lotions, and medications went into the trash. I still need to clean out under the sink, but I need to look for some pull out storage for that area. 

I am always so much happier when things are clean and tidy, but I have found it hard in such a small space. 

Downsizing never seems to end. I have sold, given away, and thrown out so much already, but there is still too much. 

I'll keep working on it though and hopefully come up with some better solutions.

Let me know if you have any good ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg. 

In the meantime you can find me under the bed or at the bottom of a closet. 


  1. HI Laura,

    I love your cozy apartment!! I have some great pull out organizers under my bathroom sink - I found them on Amazon. If you do a search for "Design Ideas Cabinet Baskets Mesh Silver" that should take you to the page. I seriously love mine!!

  2. I wish I could get back to nesting but will in a few months. I have been doing it for years but I think living in a small place it piles up so quickly. I keep downsizing but things seem to grow when I'm not looking. You can do it. I'm interested in under sink organizer also.

  3. I'm right there with you. I cleaned out the cabinet today that held holiday glasses. I only kept the Christmas ones and took the others straight to Goodwill. More tomorrow, I hope.

  4. I'm trying to get my home in order too but it's a huge job as so much has been neglected for far too long. The paperwork is overwhelming...I tend to keep every piece of paper that comes into the house. I have much to shred. Wish there were a quicker way.
    Your apartment looks great, Laura. Your cabinet in the LR looks a lot like mine. One reason I want to give up my antique dishes is to make way for some china that I have stored and might use if I had it in a more accessible place.

  5. I love your darling place. It looks like some serious nesting takes place. Enjoy your weekend, dear Laura.

  6. I hear you, Laura. I am still purging and going through things prior to moving and expect I will still have a lot more to do when all is said and done.
    Good luck to you. xo Diana

  7. I hear you Laura on the downsizing and having to part with things. It took me the last two houses to finally get things purged. With each move to an even smaller home I had to really let go of things. That is how I forced myself to do it. I love seeing your cozy home and that you surround yourself with what you love. Storage of things is always the issue or the lack of wall space or table or shelf space for all the decor items. Cleaning and purging on these winter days is good therapy. You go girl!

  8. Shelves... lots of shelves that go way up to the ceiling. I think the plastic pull-out drawer units are great. I have a small one in each bathroom right on the countertop.. for small things like scissors, small mirror, tweezers, makeup, etc. One bathroom as one larger set of the pull-out drawers which I love, for things like cough crops, extra tooth brushes, etc. things we don't use that often, and I have one tupperware storage thing (not real big but about 12" tall by 12" wide by 8" deep) for extra bathroom stuff, like vitamins, meds, soap, etc. that I keep in a small linen closet on the floor. Boy did I purge bathroom stuff over the last few years during about 4 different moves! Now I have just the very basic and necessary thing and not extras of anything. My kitchen under sink area needs some sort of shelving because tall things are stored there and the drawers wouldn't work. Both of my bathrooms have a wall unit/medicine cabinet, fairly large on the wall, which I love. And I just added a little wall shelf to my bathroom to store my towells and washclothes on, which freed up some area in my linen closet for my extra books! I would rather have a floor to ceiling shelf in my bathroom, very skinny, which would give me more room. I think every room should have one entire wall of shelves, floor to ceiling! That's my goal..... Marilyn


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