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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Is it possible that February is the grayest month of the year?

I am inclined to believe it. 

Each morning I wake up hoping to see blue skies and a bright sun, but so far I have been disappointed. 

There are only three things I like about the month of February.

Number one is that my daughter Cary was born in February.

Number two is that my daughter Katy was born in February. 

Number three is the month after February is March. When March rolls around I know that winter is coming to an end. 

So the question is what to do about all that grayness.

I could close my blinds and ignore it, but then my plants would get no natural light and they would not be happy. 

I do have a special light that simulates sunlight and I guess I can haul that out and see how it works, but that wouldn't solve the problem that it is still a gray February.

I'm not sure what the best solution is. 

How do you cope with all the grayness of February?


  1. February is one of those up and down months. I love it because my younger daughter was born in Feb!!

  2. Laura, Your beautiful little girls....that would make Feb. very special. There's a week of this month gone March is very near. :):) I do not like lots of gray days in a gives me the blues. Wishing some sunshine for you Laura. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. February is a tough month. The hope is March will be better and shed a bit of nice days.


  4. I love the sunshine of February - it is a sure sign that the world is turning, ever so slowly, and spring is on its way....also ever so slowly!

  5. We moved to Lake Havasu City, AZ, 6 years ago. This is a very warm winter for us and it's been in the low 80's for the past week; and the extended forecast shows near the same all of February. We used to live in New England and don't miss the winters at all.

  6. We've been lucky so far this month.. have had super warm days for this area.. in the 60's and today was 71! Normally, it IS gray, and January was very gray as we had an air inversion over us for 3 weeks. When it's like that, I just turn the lights on in the house all day... and sit and craft or watch TV. It does help to get out and drive to the store or somewhere, just to get some fresh air, but I don't like long stretches of gray either. I grew up in Portland, Oregon where it would be gray for 3-6 weeks at a time! Don't miss that. I just cozy up inside and read, or craft or organize or watch some good movies and eat chips and my yummy "comfort" cream cheese dip! Hope you do get some sunshine soon! Marilyn


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