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Monday, September 25, 2017

I can't believe I used the O word. It almost feels like I am swearing on my blog. 

(Some days I still feel like that sassy little girl)
There are many reasons to believe that I am getting old, but when I read a comment from some twenty something year old on Facebook last week that anyone on Facebook who is over 40 is irrelevant I thought....


That means I have been irrelevant for over twenty years and didn't know it. HMMMM!!!

(other days before I look in the mirror I think I might still be that teenager)
I take exception to that. I bet when you are asking your parents or grandparents for money you don't think they are irrelevant. 

I may have more aches and pains these days, and one or two more wrinkles, but I have news for you Mr. or Ms. Millennial, I have a vast store of knowledge and experience that you won't have for a very long time. 

(if I was still one of those other two ages I wouldn't have this crazy girl)
So show a little respect. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have your own ideas. I welcome your ideas. I love hearing what you have to say. I also welcome debate, and promise that I will never disrespect you by saying you are irrelevant.

Am I getting old? I'm definitely getting older, but then we all are.


  1. Getting Older and BETTER! I agree. I am lucky that my children appreciate me and my wisdom!

  2. Oh, that makes me want to slap that millennial's face! (just kidding. sort of) It's the arrogance of the young. It's always been there, throughout every generation. They have MUCH to learn. xo

    1. I had the same response :) The young always thing they know everything. It is with age that we realize we didn't know much at all.

  3. Understand and it's something I would of glossed over I'm sure. To give everyone a brighter view, my new partner in our design firm is 30 years my junior and I've never heard her say anything like this. To your point...she looks to us "vintage" gals for advice and knowledge. We will have to keep looking for these types of millennials...they are out there!-littleblackdomicile blogger

  4. What a brat! Well, time flies and she'll be one of the "irrelevants" before she knows it. lol


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