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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Yesterday was one of those mornings that I wish I hadn't had to face the day.

The first thing I saw was news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and I felt as if my heart had stopped. 

So many lives lost and destroyed through a senseless act, and I realized once again how precarious life can be.

What drove that man to do what he did?

Coming on the heels of three major hurricanes and the terrible suffering of millions of American citizens in Puerto Rico, it seems like too much to bear. 

I am not someone who sits and watches the news updates all day because I know that it doesn't help anyone for me to do so. 

Instead I will try to find a way to help. I don't have a lot of money and I am not able to give blood, but I will make a small donation. 

I will also make phone calls to petition my representatives in congress to please consider commonsense gun control measures. 

When will so many lost lives be enough? When will people's lives be more important than ownership of automatic weapons that were only meant to be used by the military?

I feel very sad for so many of my fellow Americans today. I am grateful that my family and I are safe, but I know that there is too much heartbreak.


  1. Way too much heartbreak is right, Laura - it's so horrible to see the evil that's out there every time I turn on the news.

  2. I woke up to this news and my heart hurt all day and it still does. I feel helpless and so I'll try to find a way to do something positive.

  3. Yes- there is WAY too much heartbreak/heartache going on right now. My heart aches for all those people that have been affected by what is going on in the world lately. xo Diana

  4. And right this minute on MSNBC a Republican lawmaker is arguing about guns not being touched. They keep saying it isn't the time. The hell it isn't.

  5. Well put Laura. I feel the same way too. I worry what kind of world my two little granddaughters will be living in when adults.
    Things have to change and hopefully for the better.

  6. I have been so saddened by the recent disasters that it's just hard not to wonder what's next? I don't think taking all our guns is the answer to the shootings. The bad guys will always have guns one way or another. We need to be able to protect ourselves. There have many break-ins around our area. But having those big automatic rifles is not necessary for anyone except the military, imo.

  7. I can't believe the world we live in today either. So complicated and conflicted. We took it hard too and we are very involved in the Country Music community. These performers are a breed of there own. They love their fans like no other genre. The connection is amazing.


  8. It's really so sad... So sad to what is happening to our beautiful world.

  9. After so many shootings like this, I have vowed I will NEVER go to an event that is big like this, with tons of people everywhere and milling around, etc. There is no security for these events. It's so sad for it to come to this and I too worry about my kids and grandkids in the future world. I just don't understand what drives a person to do this, especially someone who had no signs of having mental turmoil. It is such a shame.. many people I think can carry their mental problems and turmoil internally for years, and then maybe one thing happens that just cracks them. My heart breaks for the lives lost and the families affected.


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