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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Where does the time go? Just when I vow to start posting twice a week I suddenly realize that the week went by without a second posting. 

I seem to be so busy anymore. So busy that I have had to cut my Rook playing down from two nights a week to one. 

By the time nighttime rolls around, if I don't have something scheduled, which I seem to have many nights, then I just want to get into my pj's and curl up in my cozy apartment. 

I love being able to close my door and shut out the rest of the world. 

I recently signed up for Britbox. I already subscribe to Acorn TV so between the two of them I have nonstop British TV. I don't have cable anymore so I watch everything over the internet. I also have Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Directv Now. When I want Netflix I just cancel one of the other services for a month or two. Rotating them around really saves me money.

On another topic, I made a discovery recently. Who knew we had a casino right here in my city.

I knew that the Red Mile race course had opened a venue to bet on horse races a couple of years ago, but what I didn't know is that it is actually slot machines. At the bottom of each slot machine there is a little race showing. 

Interesting. My friend and I decided to go on Saturday. We each were given ten dollars to gamble with and I took along a few of my own dollars. 

When we walked in I felt like I was in Las Vegas. We had a ball. I lost eleven dollars, but I had allotted myself twenty dollars so I didn't feel bad about it. My friend won forty two dollars so she was thrilled. 

With all of the daily bad news it is nice to have some distractions. 

Speaking of distractions. My new throw arrived and I love it. The colors are perfect. I've tossed it over this chair for now, but it will be nice and handy when the cool weather comes back. 

My yearly eye checkup is this afternoon. Doesn't seem like it has been a year, but time does go by.


  1. The throw is gorgeous! I post daily, but then I have no social life as you know and it's my income!

  2. My life just seems so busy these days. I keep thinking it will slow down but it hasn't yet. Blogging has suffered but I keep hanging in because I love it and all my blog buddies. That throw is so pretty. I'm getting ready for some Fall around here also! Hugs!

  3. Life really is busy. I understand what you mean. I have to pace myself to get enough rest. I guess we are blessed to have such full, rich lives. Your outing sounds fun. I live in AZ and there are quite a few casinos around. Many on the Indian reservations. Your throw is so pretty and looks cozy! I love your stacked suitcases in the corner.

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have an evening with no plans where you can curl up with a throw and a good show or book?

  5. I always become aware how quickly life flies by with my doctor and dentist appointments!! I love your throw! Enjoy your week, Laura.

  6. Time just flies by on wings... I remember my mom and aunt saying that..... as they got older, time went by faster and faster. Now I know what they mean. It seems like the busier we are, the faster time goes... I want it to slow down.. so I'm trying not to be so busy. So far it's not working! I'm not very "social".. don't like to join groups or clubs, etc. as I sometimes feel obligated to go when I don't really feel like it, so I don't sign up for things or join things. I wish there was a secret way to slow down time! Take care.. Marilyn

  7. Hi laura- just today my hubby and I decided to ditch direct tv and stream everything from our phone to our tv. We have amazon prime but don't even take advantage of it. with is direct now?

  8. Hi Laura, I had a hard time getting back to blogging after a long break, life just keeps getting busier and time flies by but I do miss reading blogs and miss my blog friends.
    I love your new throw, so pretty. The flowers are beautiful, too. I love fall, but I will miss my flowers when colder weather comes along. If it ever does, it's been in the low 90's here lately!
    Have a nice weekend!


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