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Monday, May 15, 2017

Is there anyone out there who hasn't worried?

We all worry from time to time. Some of us more than others.

There always seems to be something to worry about, but how do we stop it. How do we keep it from taking over our lives, because not only does worry not add a day to our lives, it can actually shorten our lives by negatively affecting our health?

stop worry

I am a worrier so I know that it can be hard to let it go. Those of you who have been with me for several years know that I had two knee replacements. The first one was several years ago and the second one was eight months later. 

After many years of living with terrible pain, I was finally pain-free and able to live again. Last week however my left knee started to hurt and became swollen. 

Of course, I started to worry, but I decided to be proactive and this Wednesday I have an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. 

worry peanuts

Taking action has been one tool that I have learned to use to combat worry. It helps me to feel in control of whatever is causing me to worry. 

Realistically I know that I can't always control a situation, but taking steps to help alleviate whatever is worrying me is a good first step. I know that I have no way of knowing what is wrong with my knee. I am not a medical professional and it could be anything from a sprain to a failure of my implant. 

worry worrying troubles

However, calling and making the appointment was a good first step, and I know whatever the diagnosis I am strong and I will live with it. 

The more we worry about the future the less we are able to enjoy the present. I know that I would rather enjoy the moment and take action to ensure a better future. 

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  1. Laura, I am sending hugs to you. . I always pray on my woes and then try to let God take over...but sometimes I just can't stop worrying totally. I always say I inherited my mommy's big ole worry gene. With eleven children and all their children to follow...mommy had plenty to worry over. I will keep you in my prayers. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Love, hugs & prayers for you dear Laura ~ I also deal with worry. My desire is to "cast all my cares on Jesus, for He cares for me/you/us."


  3. Worry is a fruitless activity, but I also do it from time to time. I think we all do.

  4. Yes worry is a biggie in my life! I saw a verse from scripture the other day that in effect said: "dont worry about anything, but pray about everything!".... I like that.. and I'm trying to do more praying and less worrying.. and also.. like you say, taking action really helps us feel more in control and at least know we're trying to DO something about what is causing the worry. Some things we just can't control, so I'm trying harder these days to let it go and know that my worry is not going to help anything at all! I remember that old sony "don't worry, be happy".... and I try to sing it to myself when worry creeps in! Hope your knee is OK too....... Marilyn

  5. I have had to fight being a worrier all my life. I know it causes me more stress then I need. Still working on it and hoping I can worry less and stress less. Hugs to you!

  6. The appointment is made, and you will get it sorted. I admire my niece - she has a health issue - makes an appointment - gets it done and dusted - while I am still finding the courage to pick up the phone already!!

  7. Taking action,yes it helps with worry.Have to remaind my self to take some action next week. I find hand yoga mudra,could be done anywhere and it is a very easy to learn and do.Helps to combat worry and is beneficial Wishing you all the best.


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