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Saturday, June 3, 2017

June is busting out all over. The weather is perfect, and my tomato plants are already starting to produce. 

This is what my tomato plants looked like less than a month ago. 

I never imagined they would grow so quickly. 

They seem to love where they are planted and I know I am going to love eating them.

Thanks to my friend Pat who has kept our little garden watered while my knee has been healing. 

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  1. Laura, We have some tomato plants in the back in a half barrel. I planted some banana peppers in a pot up front. I told my husband I am leaving it near the steps, so I can watch them grow. So nice that your friend has watered for you. I sure hope your knee gets better. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Yours are bigger than mine. I have one plant and it has three little tomatoes on it. Good eating!

  3. Wow! They grew fast. Our plant has some buds on it but no tomatoes yet!! I hope your knee is healing well. Hugs!

  4. They are looking good!! Nothing quite like a fresh tomato!

  5. Beware! They will get HUGE and fall over! They love growing in pots. Last year I failed to put in those big wire tomato "cages" thinking mine wouldn't get that big! ha ha... was I wrong. I tried putting the cages in AFTER they had gotten pretty big, but was really hard to get them in among all the stems.. so get some cages in now if you can!!! They love the warmth hitting the plastic pots and will grow like crazy. It's so great having fresh tomatoes up until Thanksgiving! I did last year! I don't even have any planted yet.. but soon I will. Marilyn


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