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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A couple of days ago I was complaining about how quickly summer seems to go by and how much I miss simple summer days.

I often wonder just when did we stop doing all of the things that made summer so much fun. Did we think we were too grown-up? Were we too busy? 

I for one have decided that I want to get back to enjoying the simple pleasures of a childhood summer. 

Yesterday, I began. It was a moody, rainy day. Perfect to sit by an open window, and read a book while enjoying the smells and sounds of a summer day. It brought back memories of days reading Nancy Drew books in my shorty pajamas. 

curtains blowing in window

The day seemed to drift by at a tempo I seemed to have forgotten existed. 

I still love to go treasure hunting. That is what yard sales, auctions, and even walks are for. Seeing a beautiful flower can be treasure enough for me these days. 

simple flower

Tonight, I am going to head outside at dusk just to look for lightning bugs and listen to the cicadas. Maybe I will hear some neighborhood children playing hide and seek in the dark. 

There are so many simple pleasures to be enjoyed, and most of them are free for us to take. Summer may be drawing to a close, but it's not too late to get out and bring back some simple summer days of your own. 

What are some of your favorite summer memories?

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  1. Treasure hunting? Enjoy!

    I am lost in a good book.

  2. Oh, I used to get lost in Nancy Drew books for DAYS on end!! Thanks for this sweet reminder of all the amazing things summer has to offer us!

  3. Excellent idea. I think I will follow your lead. Nancy Drew and shorty pjs. Yep. Remember those days.

  4. Your post made me think of summer days, windows open, sitting and reading Nancy Drew, playing outside under the shade trees and taking afternoon naps on the screened in porch to the sound of the birds and breeze. Simple pleasures....

  5. So good to be reminded of our freedoms instead of the next job on the list. My Amish novels sweep me away to a different place.

  6. Summer reading has always been a favorite. When it's too hot to move a good book can take you anywhere. Enjoy your walks and treasure hunting. I love simple pleasures!

  7. I haven't heard that term "shorty pajamas" forever! What a memory jog! And Nancy Drew.... I still have bunch of her books I've saved from my childhood... it would be fun to read them again! I love reading but don't do it as much as I used to. Now I feel guilty if I read too much.. but getting lost in a book on a long, hot summer day, is a wonderful thing. I most remember riding my "stick" horses around the potato fields behind our house, playing with our dolls, with my best friend, under the trees in the front yard, playing hide and seek at night, in the dark, with the neighborhood kids, and just walking around the neighborhood looking at all the beautiful flowering trees and plants in peoples' yards! I also loved going swimming at the lake nearby.... I loved lake swimming and don't do it anymore.. maybe it's time?? hee hee..... simple pleasures are the best! Thanks for the reminders.

  8. Oh sweet summertime. There was a huge window fan in my bedroom window (pre 1965). All of the scents of summer, the grass, trees, mimosa trees. Sometimes, if the wind was right I could smell cookies baking, as there was a cookie factory about a mile away.

    We played outside until the street lights came on. A lot of hide and seek, a lot of bike riding, and just walking back and forth to each others houses. When we were little kids it was fun to use a stick to poke the tar bubbles that bubbled up from beneath the brown gravel that covered the roads. I usually had at least one or two bike accidents, or trips and falls with badly skinned knees. I remember soaking my knees in the bathtub and then getting out, drying off, and putting on my "baby doll pajamas". They were so poufy. Baby doll pajamas were a big thing in the sixties, even for adults.

  9. Thanks Laura for a reminder of what life was like many years ago. On occasion I'll smell something outside, and I get an instant memory of long ago. I am very lucky to be a teacher because I do have the opportunity to enjoy the days of summer. I also have memories in my minds eye of reading The Secret of the Old Clock and visiting the library during the summer to check out books and fill up my summer reading card. I love your blog and the reminder you always stress, of the little joys, (which are far larger than I often give credit to) that make life perfect. Thanks!!

  10. Those are some great memories! I think childhood is meant to be like that. When we get older, we have responsibilities that don't often give us the freedom we had as a child. It's good that you are trying to recapture that freedom.

  11. Summer went by really fast ♥ So true that simply seeing flowers is like finding a flowers too ♥


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