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Friday, July 15, 2016

Yesterday brought us another terrible tragedy. This one in Nice, France.

As soon as I heard about it I realized that there was a personal component for me. I knew that my son-in-law's parents are vacationing in Nice this week, and so of course I became very concerned for them. 

They are a part of my extended family and also have become friends. 

More than that, I know how much my three grandchildren love their Grammy and Popup and how devastating it would be for them to lose them. 

Life can be fleeting for any one of us. We really only have the guarantee of this one moment, and so we should embrace it. We should open our arms to it and breathe in its wonderful aroma of love. 

Hate can only be conquered by love and so no matter how much we hate the terrible acts of individuals, there is still so much love in the world. We have the love of our families, our friends, and all of the people in the world, who like us, want love not hate to win out. 

I believe that if each one of us practice living and loving each moment of our lives that all of that love will resonate out into the world. 

I am grateful today that my family members are safe, but I also grieve, with love, for all of the families of the victims of this and other acts of violence, and I pray for the healing of hearts. 

I know that I personally will spend more time consciously living and loving each moment. I hope you will too.


  1. I had not heard about this. I will Google and find out about it. I hate senseless tragedies.

  2. You put in writing what I have been feeling - thank you so much for your eloquent post. We must care for each other and send the energy and healing power of love into the world.

  3. I am a closer follower of the news so it seems that this is becoming more and more prevalent these days. It's just so terrible. It seems every day there is another attack somewhere in the world. I hope our next president will have the knowledge to make good decisions to keep us protected. We live in scary times.

  4. The news from Nice was so sad! A celebration and someone takes so many lives in a senseless act. I will fight with love against all this hate. I too am trying to take my days and live them to the fullest.

  5. I'm happy your family members are safe. I couldn't imagine the pain it would have been for the children and your son-in-law

    These tragedies are so sad.


  6. So well put! Each day we are allowed to live on this beautiful Earth is a privilege. I appreciate each and every day.

  7. Thank you for your inspirational words Laura.
    It now seems that every day brings new details of a senseless act of tragedy and evil.
    As you know there has been another shooting, now in Baton Rouge.
    Thinking of all of my friends and family and sending prayers for peace, unity and protection against the evil that walks our earth.


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