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awash with memories

Saturday, August 10, 2013

After so many sunny days, the rain has settled back in. At night I am startled by the jagged lightning and the crash of thunder. 

In the morning it is the gentle tapping of the rain against my window that awakens me. 

It feels like an old friend. A friend that has been with me through the many days of my life. 

Days of summer games on big wide porches. Where the arguments over rules and cheating now fade into a misty background.

Memories of books read, curled up with an old quilt and a cup of cocoa while the rain hums a steady beat in the background.

I can almost smell the chicken frying as Mama battles the heat and humidity, and I long to wander downstairs one more time to set the table for a big family meal. To peek into the living room where Daddy sits in that old familiar chair reading his paper. 

My family has long since scattered to distant places. Old friends that shared rainy days on the porch have disappeared from my life. Daddy has been gone many years and  Mama is enjoying rainy days where someone else prepares her meals. 

But as I listen to that old familiar patter on my window panes, it all comes back to me and I smile, knowing that the rain nourishes not only our gardens, but our souls as well.  



  1. How lovely. Makes my heart full and smile.

  2. such a sweet post Laura! Send some rain to Texas. We need it!

  3. Laura, sweet memories~thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Love this post, Laura. Great memories.


  5. Beautiful...I love the rain...more so in the afternoons after I have walked the dogs already!

  6. So sweet but it did bring tears to my eyes. I miss my Dad and my cousin. Thank goodness for the memories, right.

  7. Your post makes the scent of rain on parched grass come to mind, of sunny days, and family voices...beautifully written Laura.


  8. Isn't it amazing how a noise or a smell can bring so many memories back? It was a beautiful post.

  9. Your post brings sweet memories on this Sunday morning, Laura ~ all the best . . .

  10. So soothing are your words and images today, dear Laura.
    We tend to take the rains for granted here in the Pacific Northwest!
    To you...Sunday blessings!

  11. Words of wisdom and dreamy memories. How is your mother liking her new digs?

  12. Beautiful memories, Laura. I hope your mother is settled and doing well.


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