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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

I am not a big shopper but my seven-year-old, at least, tee shirts were really getting on my last nerve.

Seriously, there was a time in my younger life when I loved fashion, loved to shop, and even owned a clothing boutique. 

Somehow life got in the way and fashion was relegated to a back seat.

Need new clothes, but where in the world would I start?

need new clothes

This month has been good for me on Etsy (thank you shoppers) so I had a bit of extra cash to spend.

I started by buying a couple of shirts and pants on a significantly discounted site called Temu.

In all honesty I was concerned about the quality, but they turned out great.

This cute plaid shirt is adding some color to my wardrobe.

long plaid shirt from Temu

This oversize blouse is so cute and comfortable.

temu oversize blue blouse

Love these stylish pants.

slant bottom pants Temu

Just a couple of notes about Temu. Be sure to look at their sizes. They tend to run small. Also, it takes a couple of weeks for them to arrive.

As I am a bit tired of nothing but capri pants I decided I wanted to find some dresses and skirts so I began to shop around.

After ordering and returning one dress because what was supposed to hit below the bust hit in the middle of the bust (not meant for large busted women) I decided to rethink my style.

I googled dresses and found some maxi shirt dresses. 

They looked perfect for what I wanted because they can be worn as dusters, as simple dresses on their own, or layered over pants. 

Looking on Amazon I found this dress in many colors. I purchased the khaki and on Mother's Day I paired it with the pants from Temu and some jewelry I took out and dusted off from my cache. 
I have since also purchased it in white.

long shirt dress Amazon

My teenage granddaughter told me I looked sophisticated. High praise indeed.

Why did I not know about Quince?

I love linen and Quince has beautiful linen clothes and sheets for less and the quality is amazing.

What did I buy?

Black European linen shirt dress that looks great with white pants.

Quince linen shirt dress

I also bought a great pinstripe linen shirt that unfortunately is sold out.

Last week I went with Cary and the girls to shop for summer clothes for the girls.

Mall shopping is pretty exhausting, but it was fun to see what they chose.

Tessa, who is now ten was more interested in trying to convince her mom to buy her stuffies instead of clothes. 

I currently have some other items, including shoes on order, and will share those with you later. 

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. 

Over 50: new clothes for summer

Have a great day and I would love for you to check out my Etsy shop where I sell vintage and antique finds along with digital downloads of beautiful antique artwork.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Temu, I have seen them, but was reluctant to try them, cause don't
    know where they are located and was concerned about their quality as well.

  2. I've been wondering about Temu. I have a coupon, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for sharing...and love that plaid shirt. Great colors!

  3. Love the plaid shirt and the cute shirt dresses. I'm tempted by Temu also but haven't tried them yet. There are A LOT of hauls on YouTube....some things good, and others not so good. Glad you had fun at the mall! I used to love buying clothes, but really limit myself now...maybe a few new tshirts for summer every few years. But I am a shoe junkie!! Marilyn


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