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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The spring flowers and blossoms have well and truly passed in my neck of the woods, but as a big lover of spring I am enjoying looking at all of the spring photos of those of you who are just now welcoming it in.

spring flowers

I know this has been a hard winter for many of you, so I feel sure you are happy to see spring waking up. 

Spring on Instagram

Many of you are bringing spring into your homes with fresh cut daffodils and tulips.

Hellebores and daffodils make a simple but beautiful display when grouped together in white pottery pieces by francespalmer pottery.

hellebores and daffodils in white pottery vases

What could be more beautiful than a massive bouquet of springtime multi-colored tulips by tinathelen.

pot filled with tulips

My favorite spring flower is the tulip. Of course ours appeared in late January, so they are a late winter flower for us. 

I do love that they signify a fresh beginning.

Jonathangargiulo has created a beautiful centerpiece with the daffodils from his farm.

daffodil centrpiece

While you enjoy bringing spring inside you home don't forget that it is popping out all over.

Mokujo172305 has captured this gorgeous sunset photo of blossoms appearing over the water.

spring blossoms over the water at sunset.

My Life These Days

Yesterday when I returned home from spending Easter with my family I noticed all of the clover in the yard and it reminded me of making clover chains when I was a child.

Did you do that?

field of clover

When I was at my daughter's my grandchildren's ten year old cousin on their dad's side of the family looked down and plucked out a four leaf clover.

Apparently, like my older sister he has a knack for finding them.

It used to drive me crazy when my sister did that.

I think the last time I found a four leaf clover was when I was ten.

four leaf clover

I left my phone in my pocket yesterday. It was my first Easter without Katy and like all of the other firsts in the last five months it was difficult.

I have become more disciplined about working out on the stationary bike this last week and I am trying to do two miles a day. 

Listening to some of my favorite music makes the time go by more quickly.

Now, if I can just kick my chocolate addiction.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend and that your spring is in the air.

spring is in the air

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  1. We are having summer this week in Illinois in the 80's and then back to winter next week. Ugh! Crazy weather. The flowers and trees do not know what to do. Have a good week. Hugs. Kris

  2. Those daffodils are so bright and cheery! No spring here at all yet! Not a bloom anywhere that I can see. Gray days but getting a touch warmer. It may hit 60 today! The "first" milestones are so hard when we've lost our child. We can hope they are still sharing them with us in our hearts! Hugs....Marilyn

  3. Lots of blooms here and you have some lovely ones :)


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