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Friday, February 3, 2023

There is something about my apartment that has been driving me crazy for the almost four years that I have been living here.

It is the parking garage for the apartments next door that I have to look at every day. 

Not only is it ugly, but even though I live on the third floor, there is a hill behind my building which means the garage is right at my eye level. 

unsightly garage outside my window

The trees outside my window are too tall to block the garage and I feel like people getting in and out of their cars can see right in my windows. 

There are only two floor-to-ceiling windows in my apartment and I haven't wanted to block out the light, but I didn't think I could stand that horrible view anymore. 

Katy had some pretty white vintage curtains in her bedroom which I brought home with me and put in a box in my closet.

white vintage crochet curtains

Last week it dawned on me how pretty they would look paired with the sheers that I already had in my bedroom. 

After washing, ironing, and purchasing a new rod they have been hung on my bedroom window and are a perfect length to still allow light into the room while giving me privacy.

I spent a lot of time looking for the rod because I really wanted a tension rod. 

Because I have blinds I knew I had to have something that would allow me to still raise and lower them.

The rod I found was easy to install and is perfect for lightweight curtains.

twist and shout curtain rod Target

If I feel like the plants need a bit more light they open easily with the curtain rings while I am not in the room. 

The curtains look so pretty in my bedroom,

white bedroom curtains

but best of all I don't have to look at that horrible parking garage anymore.

Now I am working on the living room window. 

Yesterday here in Georgia our groundhog predicted an early spring. We already have daffodils and blooming forsythia bushes. 

I'm just hoping for some sunny days so I can take some decent photos.

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  1. Such pretty curtains and the perfect solution to the eyesore next door. Smart lady!

  2. Wonderful idea and solution. I have thought about you so many time. I hope you are doing well...I keep you in my prayers, Laura. I am always an email away---xo Diana

  3. Wow... it look great. So feminine. Have a great weekend, Laura!

  4. That looks very pretty! Hope the weather warms and the sun shines in. We're having a rainy day today but we need the rain. Hugs!

  5. Those curtains are perfect. I am so glad you could use them. They let enough light in too. I bet Katy would be so happy to know you could use her sweet bedroom drapes. Hugs. Kris

  6. They are lovely - soft and feminine! They provide privacy with light for your plants!

  7. These are so pretty and dainty. What a nice way to hide that building! I'm sure Katy is enjoying that you are receiving pleasure from something she used. Hugs....Marilyn

  8. They look beautiful, and solved your view problem. How special that they were Katy's.


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