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Friday, May 13, 2022

Simple Pleasures #39 

I remember when I was a much younger woman hearing my father say that aging is not for sissies. 

Now that I am that aging woman I wish I could tell my dad that he was right. 

Unfortunately, he has been gone for almost 26 years, so I whisper it to him and hope that he knows I now understand. 

pottery vase with pink flowers

Aging feels like a vase full of pretty flowers where the petals are slowly falling off. 

Each day there seems to be a new ache or pain. 

A new diagnosis.

I remember when my calendar was filled with fun activities. 

Now it seems to fill up with medical appointments.

calendar page

This morning I go for an MRI (Appointment changed by radiology at last minute until June when I will also get an MRA) on my brain for my Trigeminal Neuralgia. 

Then I go for bloodwork for an infusion of Reclast in a couple of weeks for osteoporosis.

Aging is not for sissies, but it is inevitable.

I do not want to be one of those people who sits around and complains nonstop.

Here are seven tips for aging gracefully that I am trying to practice.

1) Live in the Moment. Like everyone else, you cannot predict life's every turn, so make the most of each moment. ...

2) Forgive Yourself and Others

3) Find Humor and Laugh at Yourself

4) Stay Curious

5) Be Flexible in Body and Mind

6) Meditate

7) Be Grateful

Simple Inspiration

aging quote

Lovely Reads

book and a cup of tea

Keeping what "sparks joy" in retirement


Seventeen ways to make life more interesting and fun

planner and phone

Vegetable gardening as therapy

large vegetable garden

30+ exciting tea party ideas for adults

tea party ideas

Gluten-Free Cooking

Summer is coming (it is literally here in Georgia), which means that blueberry season is heading our way. 

I have to be honest when I say that I am not one of those people who eats handfuls of blueberries by themselves, but I do love them in baked goods and fruit salads.

I also love lemon, so I can't wait to try out this gluten-free lemon blueberry loaf.

gluten free lemon blueberry loaf

I think the picture speaks for itself. YUM!!!

Catching Up

Some past posts you may enjoy reading.

What I'm Reading

Katy gave me two books for Mother's Day.

I started on this one on Monday and had it finished up by Tuesday at noon.

"Set in 1920s Mississippi, this debut Southern novel weaves a beautiful and harrowing story of two teenage girls cast in an unlikely partnership through murder—perfect for readers of Where the Crawdads Sing and If the Creek Don't Rise.

Ada promised herself she would never go back to the Trace, to her hard life on the swamp and her harsh father. But now, after running away to Baton Rouge and briefly knowing a different kind of life, she finds herself with nowhere to go but back home. And she knows there will be a price to pay with her father.

Matilda, daughter of a sharecropper, is from the other side of the Trace. Doing what she can to protect her family from the whims and demands of some particularly callous locals is an ongoing struggle. She forms a plan to go north, to pack up the secrets she's holding about her life in the South and hang them on the line for all to see in Ohio.

As the two girls are drawn deeper into a dangerous world of bootleggers and moral corruption, they must come to terms with the complexities of their tenuous bond and a hidden past that links them in ways that could cost them their lives."

Needless to say I loved it.


These are my newest and most favorite things for grocery shopping. 

No more fighting with bags that won't stand up when packing my groceries at the dreaded self serve checkout.

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Garden Decor

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bird bath

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aging is not for sissies

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  1. You are so right Laura aging is not for sissies. Every day I wake up and think now what the h*ll is this going on in my body. Some new pain or something different happening. Ha ha it does seem like our calendar fills with dr. appointment as we age. I think we all get to meet more "ologist" than we ever thought there were lol! At least we always have grace that we can try to have as we age. Have a great Friday and weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. Oh Laura. That was a wonderful post and with beautiful photos, too. I agree with you 1000 percent. Old age is NOT for sissies. Every day brings a new challenge. It's so hard to keep on going and struggling but then, switching to gratitude and reliance on God help tremendously. I just loved this post. Thanks. Susan

  3. Yes, those of us of a "certain age" can relate to everything you are saying. I am trying to keep my body and mind in shape as best I can. Keeping busy with hobbies is a great distraction for me. And having a son in his early 20s makes me feel younger than I really am, lol!


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