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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

I loved to embroider when I was a young woman.

It was a time when embroidery was really popular and I embroidered everything from pillows to designs on tops and jeans. 

Then embroidery seemed to fall out of fashion and I moved on to other crafts and sewing and left embroidery behind. 

Unfortunately, along the way, I also lost all of the beautiful items I embroidered. 

I really wish I had them back, but I have been thinking that I would like to create some new embroidered pieces. 

vintage hand embroidered tea towel

History of Embroidery

Did you know that embroidery can actually be traced back to 30,000 BC? 

Wow, I had no idea. I guess I thought it was created in drawing rooms where ladies of leisure sat plying their needles. 

Soemthing else I didn't know is that Henry Fonda's favorite hobby was embroidery. 

Although much of today's embroidery is machine generated, I much prefer the embroidery that is done by hand. 

Where To Start

At one time embroidery stitches were second nature to me, but I am sure I have lost all of my knowledge along the way and need to relearn the skill.

I always had a hard time with French knots. Thank goodness for YouTube.

I will definitely be practicing those knots before I try them on an actual piece.

I also found this great book on Amazon. It has step by step guides for more than 200 embroidery stitches. (just ordered this for myself)

Who knew there were that many stitches?

If you are new to embroidery I definitely recommend practicing before tackling a new piece.

Choosing A Project

Don't you love choosing a new project?

Looking on Etsy definitely sent me down a rabbit hole.

How sweet is this heart kit?

If you love samplers and don't have the patience or desire to make your own, this fabulous vintage sampler is available in my Etsy shop. 

framed vintage embroidery sampler

If you want to create your own sampler this Alice in Wonderland sampler kit is adorable. 

Alice in Wonderland embroidery sampler kit

If you get started on this sweet pillow now you can have it finished in time for your summer home decor.

vintage embroidery kit pillow

While I am waiting for my embroidery book to arrive I will be pulling out some embroidery floss I have stashed away. so I will be ready to practice.

Do you embroider? 

Embroidery Tips

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  1. I use to do cross stitch but never tried embroidery. I love that some of these dying arts are coming back. Good luck and have fun with your project. I bet it will be very relaxing. xoxo Kris

  2. I enjoy simple embroidery - sticking to backstitching and occasional french knot. There are so many resources but tracing a simple design from a coloring book can be so much fun to do delightful practice pieces.
    Take a peek at Crabapple Hill Studio - she designs beautiful things. Jump in with both feet and have fun. Great way to while away the hours. I enjoy a variety of hobbies that involve a needle and thread.

  3. Like you, at an earlier age I embroidered many items. My mother taught me how to embroider when I was a little girl. I remember starting on pillow cases. Through the years I have embroidered on many things - and loved it. I have gotten away from my crafts the past few years. Recently I found someone who enthusiastically still embroiders so I offered her my collection of threads. She was thrilled to get them - and I didn't feel guilty each time I saw them sitting there unused. Your pictures call to me to try to duplicate that lovely heart but I admit that is probably my 'fantasy self'.

  4. I used to embroidery alot when I was younger, in my 20's and 30's.. it seemed to move aside when I started sewing more, knitting and crocheting. I did love it and made many things for myself and as gifts. Somehow I have lost all of them too, which is very sad. I really loved the cross stitch that was printed on the fabric already. I never did like counted cross stitch. I made a few samplers and pillowcases too, and towells. I also loved the needlepoint where you used yarn to do the cross stitch or embroidery. It usually came in kits. My eyesight is not as good now, so the little fine work is probably not for me, although I still crochet now and then. That felt heart really draws me in though! xoxo Marilyn

  5. I used to do some simple embroidery when I was younger. I love that little heart kit!

  6. I'm SO excited you shared this Laura! Learning how to cross stitch and embroider are on my bucket list. Every year I say I'm going to make time to learn them so I hope this year is the year I get serious abotu! Thanks so much for these resources. I'm excited to look into them. Big hugs, CoCo


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