Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I have really needed some coping skills these last two weeks. Last week I had a nasty virus that left me feeling drained for several days.

Saturday was a wonderful day. I spent the afternoon and early evening hiking in the woods with my family and then having dinner at my daughter's house. 

path through the woods

When I got out on the highwayand up to 60 mph the loud noise, that my last mechanic implied I was imagining, was very evident. 

So Monday morning I left early to take the car to a new mechanic. That is when I saw the bright red battery symbol on my dashboard and knew my alternator was probably bad. 

I was right, I needed a new alternator and was told that a computer part would also have to be replaced at the same time. Major expense. 

battery light

This started a song and dance that left my head spinning. Dodge only makes that computer part to order now and there is no telling how long it will take to get it. I called around and was told I might not need the computer part so I had my car towed to another location.

Then the new place gave me an estimate of $400 more and told me they didn't think they could get the part at all. 

Tuesday morning I had my car towed back to AAA to start all over again.

When We Need Coping Skills

Life throws curveballs at everyone and there doesn't seem to ever be a good time for them. 

crisis photo

We all know that significant life events,such as divorce, a job loss, the death of a loved one, a health crisis, etc, cause psychological stress, but even events that may not seem as significant affect us negatively.

People may use coping mechanisms for stress management or to cope with anger, loneliness, anxiety, or depression.

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Are all coping mechanisms healthy? Absolutely not.

unhealthy eating

Drug use or excessive drinking are two ways that people try to cope that are definitely unhealthy.

Oftentimes we may find ourselves overeating or eating unhealthy foods to cope.

Withdrawing from social activities and self isolation are also unhealthy ways we may try to cope with stress.

Healthy Coping Skills

There are many ways to positively cope with stress in our lives.

life is tough but so are you

Spend time with others confiding, talking, laughing, and socializing.

Do things that you enjoy to take your mind off of the stress. Reading, walking or going for a drive, watching tv, gardening, playing a game, or soaking in the bath are all good diversions.

Use your mind to help you cope. Think positive thoughts, make a gratitude list, brainstorm solutions, list the pros and cons of the situation, or make a list of your strengths.

Physical activity can be a good way to cope with stress. Do an activity that you like such as taking a brisk walk or playing a sport.

Learning and practicing positive coping skills is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself.

coping skills

Coping Skills Reading:

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  1. Oh Laura I am so sorry about your car. I hate that these cars are so expensive now when things break on them. Plus with Covid the parts are hard to get. I know that has to be so stressful when you are trying hard to get ahead right now with your business etc. I am glad you have your coping skills. I am a sugar person when I am stressed and go right to anything with sugar. So bad and a big bad habit to try and curb. I hope you can get the part and then find someone maybe a little less expensive to fix it for you. Keeping good thoughts for you. xoxo Kris

  2. Oh too bad about your car. When I'm stressed I don't eat as much.

  3. I love to read, so that is where I escape to.

  4. Ouch, sorry to hear about your car, Laura. Great list of coping tips. I like to read, or shop, not necessarily to buy, but just walking around a store calms me. Weird, I know!


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