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Friday, August 6, 2021

Welcome. Is summer really winding down? Here in Georgia we still have a lot more summer, and I for one am happy about that because I do love summer. 

Did you read my post last Friday, where I decided to shake things up on my Friday Finds posts?

Well, now I have decided to really shake things up and rename these posts Simple Pleasures. After all, life is all about evolving and changing, and I have never been one to hold back from learning and making changes.

zinnias in a cottage living room

I didn't grow vegetables in my garden this year because we were told that the parking lot would be paved this summer and we would not have access to our garden spaces during that time. 

Now we have found out that the work won't start at least until October. Fortunately, I had already planted some zinnia seeds and they are starting to give me some small bouquets for my home.

Such a treat to have fresh flowers picked from my own garden. 

colorful zinnias

Life has been hectic lately, but I am all about slowing things down and just enjoying the simple pleasures.


I remember watching Walt Disney on my black and white tv as a child and feeling that it was magical, and anything was possible.

Walt Disney quote

Inspiring blog posts I found this week

I love reading about good habits that other people practice.

These ideas for creating a cut flower garden give me inspiration.

Ideas to freshen up your bedroom this month.

A wonderful recipe for cherry almond scones for afternoon tea.

Cat lovers will love reading about the secret language of cats.

Favorite Gluten-Free Recipe of the week

Because I eat gluten-free I am always excited to find new gluten-free recipes, and so this little space is for all of my gluten-free friends and anyone else who loves good food.

Gluten Free Raspberry Cornmeal Cake

Gluten free raspberry cornmeal cake

Catching up

Have you read these posts?

I started a new series on Healthy Habits for a Happier Life, and this week it was about my own journey.

This week's home tour was A Serene Maine Cottage and it is simply fabulous. I'm ready to move in.

New Finds From Amazon

With so many people now working from home, well-furnished and well-stocked office spaces are a must. These are also great ideas for a homework station for your back-to-schooler.

home office from Amazon

 HP printer  Bamboo Organizer  Desk Lamp

Paper Clips  Gel Pens  Pink Organizer

Bookshelf  Stapler  Mesh Organizer

Chair  Computer  Desk

What I'm Watching

I just finished watching The Good Karma Hospital on Acorn TV. I loved it and can't wait for the next season. The colors and the scenery are beautiful.

I think Acorn may still have a free trial, but as I am a current subscriber I couldn't get it to come up. Of course, you can certainly check it out. There are so many great shows to watch.

A Potpourri of Great Finds from Target

Target finds

Thanks so much for joining me on this new adventure as I reboot.

simple pleasures

Until we meet again join me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy.

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  1. Love all your Simple Pleasures this week. I just finished Good Karma Hospital and loved it too. I would love to go there and spend some time. The area in India is so gorgeous. Have you watched Doc Martin the series. It is really good too. Happy Weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. I love that wood stool at Target. I clicked and saw that they have a round one that is quite similar. Love them both. Target always has the best stuff!

  3. Simple Pleasures is a great idea! I think I'm going to have to give Acorn TV a try (not that I don't already have enough to watch, lol!)


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