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Friday, August 13, 2021

Week #2 of Simple Pleasures

Lately, I have been dividing my time between my living room chair and the chair in my bedroom. 

This wicker chair is not quite as comfortable, but I love looking out my bedroom window and it makes a nice change from always sitting in the living room. 

cottage bedroom

I work in the bedroom chair, and then when I get tired I go sit in the comfy living room chair. Small spaces can feel really small, especially during a pandemic, but utilizing all of your small space can make the space feel larger.

Simple Inspiration

As women, we waste too much of our lives trying to live up to the expectations of others. We are each unique and beautiful in our own right.

Coco Chanel quote

Lovely Reads I Found This Week

My reads this week have been all about DIY. As I face another round of self-isolation due to the new covid surge I am looking for things to do at home.

This is definitely a win-win. How to easily paint and save a serving tray beautifies and repurposes an old piece. 

wooden fireplace screen makeover also saves a vintage piece that would have ended up in the trash bin and it is lovely. 

This back-to-school wreath would make a perfect gift for a teacher. 

How to paint furniture without chalk paint is right up my alley this week as I have a piece of furniture I need to paint.

Several years ago I made some fabric pumpkins that I sold. Now I would like to make fabric pumpkins for my own home. 

Favorite Gluten-Free Recipe This Week

Because I eat gluten-free I am always excited to find new gluten-free recipes, and so this little space is for all of my gluten-free friends and anyone else who loves good food. This week's recipe is also Paleo. 

Paleo Pecan Maple Salmon

paleo pecan maple salmon

Catching Up

Did you miss reading these posts?

Week two of Healthy Habits For A Healthier Life is all about,  exercise. Apparently, TV watching doesn't qualify.

I threw in a bonus post on My War Against Fungus Gnats because if you grow houseplants you will probably encounter them at some point and getting rid of them can't wait.

Favorite Amazon Finds

Today's finds feature cottagecore, which embraces a simpler, sustainable existence that is more harmonious with nature. It encompasses clothing, home decor, and gardening.

cottagecore on Amazon

More cottage core home decor ideas are in my Amazon storefront.

What I'm Reading

I'm currently reading The Last Night in London by Karen White. I enjoy all of her books as they contain a bit of romance, mystery, and local atmosphere. This book weaves a story between London in 1939 and London in 2019. 

What I'm Watching

I just finished watching season two of, a French TV series (English subtitles) Candice Renoir on Acorn TV. After 10 years abroad, Candice Renoir is back in France and back on the case as a police commandant, using her skills honed as a divorced mom to solve complex cases. 

Finds From Wayfair

After finding those great cottagecore items on Amazon I decided to hop over to Wayfair and search for farmhouse decor. Who knew there were so many fabulous farmhouse finds there. Okay, you probably knew, but apparently, I have had my head buried in that sand I bought for the gnats. (No, I am not providing them with a beach)

Thanks for visiting with me today. 

simple pleasures week two

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  1. I love those fabric pumpkins. I was actually over at Etsy shops yesterday looking at fabric pumpkins.

  2. I liked all of the "cottage" in this post! Although I have a nice comfy chair in my living room, my favorite spot in the house is still my craftroom.. it has a soft office chair with arms, and the light is so much better there, so I like to sit and read or craft or watch YouTube or movies on my TV right there. it's a small room, but cozy and a little warmer than our almost too cold living room (hubby likes it COLD!). I have patterns and flannel for fabric pumpkins, and finally made a few last year... had been hoarding the flannel for years, and also kept forgetting, or just not getting to, making the pumpkins. They are so darling and can be in any colors.. even pink! xoxo Marilyn

  3. I really enjoy your simple pleasure posts! That salmon looks delicious, and I love that serving tray makeover!

  4. Such a beautiful collection and fun post to read, Laura, thank you so much for including my tray makeover. I really appreciate it. I feel like we were SO CLOSE to being done with COVID earlier this year but now it feels like we're right back where we started. We're all vaccinated, wearing masks and taking extra precautions because my aunt has cancer but we definitely miss being able to hug her. Can't wait to dive into these links! Hope your weekend is filled with all good things, CoCo

  5. Some great places to visit to see great inspiration. Sounds like you are finding time to read a good book and also catch up on Acorn TV series. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  6. We are gluten free too, and I love salmon, so I must check out your recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love your cottage style! This is beautiful weekly wrap-up of your favorites;

  8. Great post and I am like you, I like to sit in different areas of my home because a different view offers different inspiration.

  9. That salmon recipe is making me hungry right now! Looks delicious!

  10. I have 3 places I like to sit...bedroom, living room, and study

  11. Beautiful post. The salmon looks so tasty and the cottage collection speaks my love language!


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