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Monday, July 5, 2021

I know that technically yesterday was the 4th of July, but many people have today off work, and if you are tired out from the holiday festivities it might be the perfect time for binge watching.

I have to confess that binge watching was made for me. I love finding one tv show and watching it from start to finish.

tv watching

Don't tell anyone but I have watched 31 seasons of one show. YIKES!!!

My favorite shows are British followed by tv shows from other countries. I love all of the different genres and although I read the subtitles I have found that a lot of my French has come back from watching shows from France.

On the other hand I cannot make heads or tales of the languages spoken in the Scandinavian countries and as I never studied Spanish I am kind of a dud in that language too. 

I thought I would share my favorite streaming services and some of the shows I have watched.


If you love British tv as much as I do you will love Britbox


Britbox is strictly British and runs the gamut of soap operas, comedies, dramas, and mysteries.

Some of my favorite shows are Shetland, Vera, Silent Witness, Father Brown, Last Tango in Halifax.....and well I could go on and on. There is enough here to watch for months. 


Acorn tv is also British, but carries shows from other countries as well.  

Acorn TV

I have found some outstanding shows from Australia and New Zealand like A Place To Call Home, 800 Words, The Heart Guy, Mystery Road, The Brokenwood Mysteries,  and so much more.

When I first started watching Acorn I didn't watch the shows with subtitles because I found them to be distracting, but now I look for those shows. I am currently watching Candice Renoir and just finished the latest season of The Sommerdahl Murders.

Masterpiece Theater

I have always loved the shows on Masterpiece, and although I get PBS locally it only shows the current shows. I had a sneaking suspicion that I was missing out on a lot. I was right.

Masterpiece on Amazon has so many offerings.

Watch Masterpiece theater

There are murder mysteries, comedies, period pieces and foreign shows.

I am currently watching Halifax Retribution, but love Grantchester, The Durrells in Corfu, Indian Summers, Unforgotten and so many others.

Don't forget there are also wonderful movies on all of these streaming channels along with the tv shows. 

If you are looking to upgrade your home theater experience you may want to browse here for a new tv, here for a new Roku, or here for a new Fire Stick.

Oh, and don't forget the popcorn. You will need a lot of it for all of that binge watching I see in your future.

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  1. I love all the british mysteries and series too. Most of these you mentioned I have been streaming. They are so good. We just finished Doc Martin. I am sorry that one ended. Have a great start to the new week. xoxo

  2. Well you introduced me to all these streaming channels, and I strictly watch them now.

  3. I don't watch too many Brit shows as sometimes hard for me to understand them! Guess I'm a little deaf when it comes to TV, though other times I hear just fine! I did love Doc Martin and think I got behind in the latest seasons and loved Last Tango in Halifax. I discovered A Place to Call Home when we had Hoopla through our library.. was FREE and got to watch the first 5 seasons I think. Then I couldn't get Hoopla anymore and can't find it anywhere else (the show). I just loved it and want to find the rest to watch. I hate to pay for channels as I get so much for free on my Roku stick and we have Amazon Prime and Netflix too! I do like the Australian shows alot. thanks for sharing what you watch! Marilyn

  4. British shows are our favorite, too. We've been considering Brit Box...thanks!!


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