Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Life has been very busy lately. Everything seems to be accelerating as we start to move out of our self isolations and quarantines. 

I make plans to write a certain post and then realize that I just don't have enough time to research it properly. 

Listening to old records, while I work, helps to relax me.

Writing home tours and favorite finds posts take quite a bit of time and energy, which doesn't leave me a lot of time for my Wednesday post.

I enjoy writing those posts and want to answer the question of why I have taken that on at this time in my life. I realize that although at this point my Etsy shop is my best source of supplemental income there will probably come a point where I am no longer able to do the physical labor it requires. 

So I am planning ahead by building up affiliate income. I do have to say I am hoping to be able to keep on working for quite awhile. My uncle turned 101 years old on June 5th and he was doing the family business's bookkeeping into his 90s. 

My Etsy inventory was way down after a year of self isolation so I have been very busy restocking through auctions and thrifting. Searching, buying, photographing, and listing takes a lot of time, but the biggest challenge is finding somewhere to put it all in my small apartment. 

My mother always said I was the best person at packing a trunk of a car for a vacation and I guess I have carried that skill forward into stashing things in my apartment.

That has led to some much needed cleaning and rearranging. I also have opened up some wall space in a corner of my bedroom and am looking for a piece of furniture to use for storage. Hopefully, I will find something soon and hopefully it will be a good bargain.

I won't show you the mess I have in that corner right now, which I can't stand to even look at myself. YIKES!! 

Dear Instagram, 

I am never going to have a perfect Instagram home, but no one can accuse me of being a slacker. 

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  1. We small home occupants ALWAYs have trouble finding enough storage it seems.

  2. Your metal bucket at the end is pretty. What would its original purpose have been?

  3. You have some cool vintage pieces to sell. Hope your week is going well.
    Have a great week. xoxo

  4. I know what you mean about having a place to put your Etsy products. I sell small things but still they take up alot of space. I keep most of it in two boxes (like Banker's boxes) but it's hard to find a space to put them! I'm starting to fill a 3rd box now, plus need a box for all of the shipping stuff. I can't imagine having room for larger pieces and glassware, etc.!! It really IS alot of work to put things online to sell.. like you said, the gathering, finding, (making), cleaning, photographing it and then listing it and putting the description. Very time consumming. But I'd still rather do that than go work at an office, which I HAVE been doing part time up until now (and age 74!). I'd much rather work from home. Also.. I have trouble finding a good spot to take my photos for listings. There is only ONE SPOT in my house that gets the right kind of lights, that isn't always full of "stuff" that I have to move to take the photos! I'm working on opening another Etsy shop of digital products.. in the hopes of having a "passive income" as I get older.. so I won't have to buy, list, package, take to post office, etc. I do enjoy your posts of your favorite finds! Marilyn


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