Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The last couple of days I have been wondering what happened to the sun and what the heck is up with tornadoes. 

I have lived through earthquakes in California and hurricanes along the North Carolina coast, but I think tornadoes scare me the most. 

Monday was all planned out. I got a very early start taking my daughter Katy to two scheduled medical appointments. (She is able to be in the car with me now since I am fully vaccinated)

It was a rainy, gloomy morning and there were the usual glitches at Emory of not finding the parking lot and walking in the rain to get to the correct building. The next appointment was several miles away and by then it was really pouring the rain. UGH, I really hate driving in the rain.

At least I was able to drop her off in front of the building and wait for her in the car.

Fortunately, that appointment was three miles down the same road that I live on because things were crazy at that point. Both of our phones were giving us an alert of a tornado warning and to take shelter immediately. 

I raced through the rain to get to my apartment building, where I knew we could shelter in the basement. We managed to get in just as the tornado was reported to be on the road where we had been driving. 

Katy was double-masked and wearing a face shield, but there were other people there and she hadn't been in any building other than for medical appointments for over 14 months. 

It was definitely a double whammy scary, but at least everyone there was wearing face masks and they were all vaccinated. I am so grateful for everyone who is getting the vaccine, that protects not only themselves but helps to protect other people. 

I do like occasional rainy days, but I say a big no to tornadoes, and I am so happy that the sun is coming back out today. 

Now for the calm following the storm I am going to sit here and shop, and focus on some small space solutions because living in less than 600 square feet can be a challenge. 

Of course, these can also be used if you are in a larger space. (I'm not completely self-absorbed, but don't tell my family that.)


If you are like me, you may have a small entry space with no real coat closet. (I have a coat closet, but it also doubles as a pantry and catchall for one million things, which makes it hard to reach the coats.)

Wall-mounted hooks are great for a narrow space.

Hanging wall baskets are a great idea for a small entryway. You can tuck away winter gloves, mail, keys, and more.

Indoor gardening

For those of us who have little or no outdoor garden space, indoor gardening is the way to go. (Ask my 30 or so houseplants just how much they love me)

I am completely in love with this. My lazy self could just stand in my kitchen and pick the herbs for dinner. Plus it has a built in grow light, which is perfect since I don't have a kitchen window. 

Adding plants at various heights without taking up a huge amount of space is important for the small space indoor gardener. 

Don't forget that windows are your friend in small space gardening, and if space is a problem then hanging a planter in front of your window is perfect.

Dining Space

Small spaces and apartments don't always have a dedicated dining area, so you may have to carve out a space for a table and chairs.

A small mid century modern round table can work well in a corner,

along with two matching chairs.

For a more traditional look, this is what I have in my small space. The table sits next to the wall and I can lift up the sides to create more seating or workspace when needed. 

Living Room

The living room is one of the most important spaces in your small home or apartment.

This multi-functional love seat, which has adjustable arms to create a couch sleeper would be perfect for a dorm room or first apartment.

For a more traditional look.

french country accent table.

I love being able to tuck a pretty floor lamp behind or next to a sofa or chair.

Happy Shopping and relaxing.



  1. Love the herb garden we have tons of windows but none that get direct sun with an area for herbs. I usually wait and plant them outside for the summer.

    Happy you are safe and I would have been terrified of a tornado too.

  2. Yikes, the weather has been crazy around here, too. No tornadoes though, thank goodness!!

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