Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Have you heard the saying that you have champagne taste on a beer budget? That pretty much describes me, except much of my adult life as a single mother raising two daughters, I had more of a water budget. 

I also had an insatiable thirst for decorating my home and a love for vintage and antiques, which led me to scavenging my grandmother's attic, going to thrift stores, slamming on my brakes at yard sales, and attending auctions. 


All of these endeavors have left me with an apartment filled with things I love and a small business selling the overflow. Because let's face it there are only so many things we can keep without becoming one of those people on Extreme Hoarders. 

You are now probably scratching your collective heads and asking yourselves what is this all about. No, this is not just more of my blather. I woke up this morning deciding that I need to start sharing some of this immense knowledge before my brain turns into mush.

It's time for me to start sharing what I have spent my adult life learning. I have decided to write a series on how to shop thrift stores and yard sales, how to bid at local online auctions, where to find out what things are worth, and if you are like me how to set up an Etsy vintage shop to keep you off of hoarders. 

I will also share my thrifty home decor. Some of it I may not remember what I paid for it, but most of it has been free or pennies on the dollar. 

When you have lots of money you can buy whatever you want, hire a decorator, pay a cleaning lady, and turn your home into one of those Instagram perfect places that gets you a trillion followers. 

Most of us live in the real world where kids and pets make messes (in my case I now make the mess), where we can't spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on new furniture and decor items, or where we just love a bargain.

If this sounds like you then stay tuned for my series. It will probably be a bumpy ride because I actually may start blathering, but I hope it will be a let's put the top down on the convertible, Thelma and Louise fun kind of ride (no driving off a cliff though). 

You can also find me on Amazon here, Like To Know It here, and Etsy here.


  1. Bravo! I've been wanting you to do this. That knowledge you have is like gold. Teach others how to mine the nuggets. Good karma and all that.

  2. This is exciting Laura. I cannot wait to read your new series. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  3. What a great idea for a series, Laura! I look forward to it.

  4. Oh. I'm excited for this! I love a bargain and I adore thrifting and auctions. Can't wait to learn!

  5. This sounds like a fun series! My mom loved thrifting and finding those treasures, and now that's she's gone, I have many of those treasures! I have looked up in books what some are worth. I know there are some I have no idea what the value is! Would be neat to learn from you where I can look to find values of things.. and where, if I wanted to, I could sell them (though most I want to keep!). xxoo Marilyn

  6. I have always been a thrift shop/flea market/bargain hunting gal. It's in my genes - my grandma was that way and so is my mom. I went gung-ho over the years and now I'm at the age where I just want to get rid of stuff instead of collecting. I currently have three huge tote boxes full of vintage items that I don't want to just donate, but yet I don't want to sell online either. I need to contact some vintage stores in my area to see if they're interested in purchasing this stuff. I know I wouldn't get much money, but that's fine. I just want it out of my house! I think your series would be a great idea for those that are still in the hunting and collecting phase.


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