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Monday, April 26, 2021

I love everything about cottage decor. It is a comfortable and cozy way to decorate your home, but I think my favorite rooms are cottage bedrooms.

Florals, baskets, and painted furniture are all hallmarks of these bedrooms.

Cottage bedrooms aren't always filled with florals and painted furniture. They can also be a bit more on the rustic side.

One common element seems to be iron beds. In this bedroom we once again see painted furniture this time in a bright yellow, along with cozy bedding.

Don't forget beautiful handmade quilts when decorating a cottage bedroom. 

My cottage bedroom contains most of the same elements, florals, quilts, an iron bed, and painted furniture.

Do you love cottage bedrooms?

Here are some suggestions for your cottage bedroom decor.
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  1. I too love cottage bedrooms. Maybe that's why I began making quilts in the early nineties. They fit right in.

  2. Good morning Laura. These cottage bedrooms are so sweet. I hope to do one of my walls in the bedroom with shiplap for a farmhouse/cottage look. Happy Monday. Have a great week. xoxo

  3. I see so many great ideas. I like the white with ruffles and the handmade quilts. I want to change some things around...maybe my comforter but not sure yet. I like to use what I have! Hugs!

  4. I thoroughly enjoy my cottage bedroom. I've been wanting an iron bed but can't seem to settle on a style. LOL I use two treadle sewing machines for nightstands - one was my grandmother's so it's well over 100 years old and the other was given to me with no history.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cottage decorating! And especially bedrooms. What comes to mind are white walls, usually some sort of wood, and lots of frilly white things and ruffles and quilts.. cute little wood tables and I love a vanity with a skirt around the front. I dreamed of a cottage bedroom for our new (to us home) we've been in now for 5 years! Still haven't gotten there all the way. I DO have pink walls which I love.. but not the ruffly comforter and cute wood night stands. They are wood and old, but haven't gotten them painted white yet, which they need to be, or at least a color. Your bedroom is sweet and love the quilt on the bed! I have one hanging on our wall above the bed and some of my mom's old china plates on the walls, which I dearly love. Take care....

  6. I think they're all gorgeous, but that first bedroom has a little piece of my heart! SO pretty!!


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