Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Last week I started a series on maximalism in a small space. As we have retreated to our homes over the last year we have craved coziness and comfort and I talked about the importance of bringing out the things we love and displaying them in our small spaces.

I have collected blue and white transferware since my early twenties. It was at that time that my grandmother gave me some things that had belonged to my great aunt and among those things were some lovely blue and white transferware plates. 

For many years, while living in larger homes, I displayed those plates in my china cabinet and at times kept them hidden away in a cupboard. 

I soon realized that I loved my transferware and I wanted to look at it every day. Even though I am in a small space, those pieces make me happy.

So I place my transferware here and there throughout my small space. I believe it enhances the other things around it. 

Don't feel like you have to decorate with plates only in your dining area. Throw out those old rules. These two plates are in a narrow space in my bedroom 

(Cloudy days are definitely not good for photographing in small spaces, but sometimes you just don't want to have to wait for that sun to come out.)

I also love to share the transferware love with others, so you can usually find a few pieces in my Etsy shop. How beautiful is this plate? I'm only parting with it because I have two of them. 

I also wanted to show you this Spode teapot I found on Amazon. I am really crushing on this. 

In the meantime I am looking around my small space thinking of other spots I might place more transferware.

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  1. Hi Laura...Your blue and white transfer-ware is just beautiful. Love it. It looks so nice in your apartment. Great job!

  2. Oh, I covet your transferware! I didn't even know about it till I started blogging. We have to find ways to be happy and decorating with things we love is a huge part of that. Love your series!

  3. Hi Laura,
    You have a lot of pretty pieces. They all look so bright and pretty in your apartment. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Have a great day. xoxo

  4. I love the blue transferware.. my mom used to collect the dessert sized plates and Mother's Day plates that you could hang up. She had one for each year for many many years! I have one or two that I kept. She also collected china plates from many places in Europe in her travels. I still have MANY of them! I line them up above my closets and use the horizontal plate racks for them or they can be hung above windows (which I do). They also look beautiful grouped above the head of a bed (which I do)!! I even have some of my dad's china "fish plates" arranged on a bathroom wall because the turquoise colors match my bathroom. I love them all! take care.. Marilyn

  5. The church on your plate reminds me of the Swiss village where my husband grew up.

  6. I am a great lover of China. I hang most of it on the walls or I also have a hutch and a China cabinet and glass front cabinets. I don't live in a small space and hope I never need to. Every once in a while, I look around and wonder "What would I keep?," I love paintings and have several pieces that are heirlooms that I have had museum mounted. I told my husband if our next house doesn't have enough wall space for them all, I'll be hanging them with chains from the ceiling. I am glad you have found your home. I still have my husband, and my eldest sister will soon be with us (which I am thrilled about and my husband is happy, too)so I think "small" is not in my near future. I have a friend who has a knack of making any space, large or small, a place you want to be. What is interesting, is when I specifically look at some of her pieces, lamps, etc, they are something I would never buy, but they are part of what makes her homes so "homey." The greatest compliment I ever had was when a young woman(early twenties) said she loved to come over because she felt so good, it made her think of her grandmother's house. So, I obviously don't follow trends. I got that from my mother.


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