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Saturday, August 22, 2020

When I was working as a counselor I worked with many people who were living with chaos in their own lives. I also knew that there was chaos out in the world that affected people, but I really never imagined a time like we are living through today. 


Finding tranquility while being surrounded by chaos and uncertainty can make it difficult to find, but we can find peace and tranquility within ourselves. 

Feeling Stressed

Last week I found out there was a case of Covid in my apartment building. There was also a visitor, who had just been in someone's apartment, who got on the elevator with me while not wearing a mask.

Needless to say, I immediately felt stress from both things. I reported the person who was not wearing the mask along with a resident, who was in the community computer room and was not wearing a mask when I went in to use the computer. 

garden center flowers

It is now considered a breach of the rental agreement to not have on a mask, and visitors will be made to leave if they have removed their mask.

Take Back Your Power

So how do we find tranquility when we are bombarded with these things? 

First of all, I am a big believer in taking back your power. I did that when I reported what was going on. Yes, I was possibly exposed, and no I am now staying away from my family temporarily, but I will be much less likely to be exposed, in the future, where I live. 


For me, that helped to alleviate the stress I was feeling.

How To Find Tranquility

Each of us finds tranquility in ways that work best for us, but I know there are ways that we can each try.

Peaceful surroundings certainly help. I love being by the water, but living in the middle of a large city makes that somewhat difficult. The garden center is somewhere I like to wander, enjoying the plants, and focusing on nature. I did that this week.

garden center nursery

Meditation is a known stress reliever. There are many resources to help you with meditation. Google has resources and YouTube has many guided meditations for the beginner and the more experienced meditator.

Healthy eating is important. I know that I have not been eating healthy these last few months and frankly I don't feel as well. That stresses me out and I am going to work on doing better.

beans and squash dinner

Walking is a great stress reliever and is also a good way to get out and enjoy nature. All forms of exercise are good, but as I am not someone who finds tranquility in sweating I will probably stick to walking, especially as the mornings here in Georgia are now cooler. 

It seems hard to find tranquility when there are so many things that we can't control, so focus on the things you can control. 

Ask For Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you are feeling overwhelmed. Talk to someone, a family member, your doctor, a clergy person, or a trained professional. We are living through very difficult times right now and we are all feeling the strain. 

It is important to know you are not alone and breathe, just breathe.

The National Alliance On Mental Health has more information on finding a mental health provider if you need professional assistance. 

Read more about healthy living.


  1. Why don't people wear masks, I don't get it. It's not enjoyable but necessary I get annoyed.


  2. It is crazy that people will not wear a mask. I am glad you reported those two that did not especially in a community place like the computer room. For God Sake!!!! I love all your tranquil ideas so thank you for sharing those with us. I think this has been going on for so long and it is so scary we all have PTSD and depression of some sort. This is a horrible way for all of us to be living. Let's hope by next year they will have a vaccine that will help and more medications that will help those inflicted. Happy Saturday. Hugs. Kris

  3. The mask thing is ridiculous. So easy to do. Doctors and nurses have been doing it forever and I don't see them complain. If everyone would wear a mask we could get back to whatever will be normal again. Stick to walking. Less chance of injury. Take it from someone who is clumsy and gets injured easily.


  4. It is hard to keep positive and keep my spirits up. Thanks for your helpful hints! Stay safe!

  5. A couple of weeks ago when my husband and I were grocery shopping, we saw three people in the store without masks. There's a sign on the front doors to the store saying masks required. I went to Customer Service to talk to a manager. He claimed there wasn't anything he could do; that perhaps they had an underlying medical condition. I was so furious that I wrote an email to Corporate headquarters. Of course, I just got a "Dear John" type email back stating their managers are trained to talk to customers about masks and ask if they have a medical condition for not wearing one. I'm like well yeah, but this guy didn't even do that! He wouldn't go talk to them. Ridiculous. What these idiots that won't wear masks don't understand is that it's to mostly protect others, not themselves! So get over yourself and have some courtesy compassion for those around you.

    I've been eating my usual, healthy diet and have maintained my weight throughout this pandemic and I feel good, too. I also do yoga, meditation and walk a mile outside every single day. I dread this upcoming winter when I'm stuck in the house due to our severe weather and I have to walk on the treadmill in the basement. It's so depressing.

  6. I don't understand why some choose not to wear masks - it definitely baffles me.
    I hope you don't mind if I add a little tidbit regarding 'finding tranquility'. I believe having a hobby, something one has always enjoyed or taking time to learn something new. There are so many fabulous videos on line. Rather than sitting at home wringing our hands and fretting put those hands to work - x-stitch, hand embroidery, jig saw puzzles, needlepoint, drawing, painting, etc. I'd love to share my personal story regarding a renewed interest in handwork but instead I'll simply say it's all part of self care. Take care and I hope you're feeling much better.

  7. We are one and the same darling! Hello from Connecticut! Just found your blog today! When I get overwhelmed and stressed, like you I seek out the tranquility and what that means to me. Getting back to my roots if you will, remembering a simple easy life and how to get by on what really matters. Can't wait to be part of your blog! If interested here's mine in return!


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