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Monday, January 13, 2020

I think I may have a bit of a bug. I know there a lot of viruses going around now. My grandchildren have had a stomach virus and my youngest daughter is sick. Also, I have heard the woman in the apartment next to me coughing. I don't usually hear much noise from my neighbors so she must have been coughing pretty loudly.

I'm feeling a bit off color, as my mother used to say. Not sick enough to require staying in bed, but enough that I know to slow down. I have a lot planned for this week so I spent the weekend taking it easy at home.

I'd hate to miss my upcoming dentist appointment. NOT!!!

There is something else that was bugging me. Last week I found a roach in my kitchen. I'm sorry did it see a welcome mat with its name on it? I think not. 

I immediately freaked out and called the management. Fortunately they had the exterminator here the next day. I don't do roaches. 

I remember my daughter telling me about her escapades with flying roaches in her house when she moved to Atlanta. I laughed hysterically because I didn't live where there were flying roaches. 

I hope that doesn't come back to bite me, because I might be forced to move to a climate where no flying roaches could survive. 

So far I haven't seen anymore roaches since that one had the nerve to run out in front of me. I'm hoping they have moved on to roach heaven. 

I guess in a few days I will be spring cleaning my kitchen. Maybe I could do that instead of going to the dentist. 


  1. Hope you're not getting sick. Good that you rested. I'm not a fan of the dentist at all. Is anyone you think?

    Such beautiful bottles. Get rest when you can so maybe you won't get sick.


  2. OMG! I have a huge fear of both cockroaches and bed bugs. I have never experienced either, but have known of others who have. I hope you are not getting the flu bug. I had it and it is very bad, and my daughter has had it and then had a relapse a couple of weeks later and finally went to the doctor. It is terrible stuff.

  3. I really dislike a visit to the dentist. Good thing they had the exterminator there the next day. Nip that situation in the bud! Be well!

  4. Like Patrice, I have the fear of cockroaches and bedbugs. I have never heard of flying roaches and hope to never see one. I haven't been to the dentist in about 4 years. I need to go, but I don't have health insurance and I know it's probably going to be costly. Aside from the fact that I ended up with shingles in my mouth the last two times. Have to pay my taxes and then revisit that. Love the bottles! I'm always on the lookout for them.

  5. I'd definitely rather clean the kitchen, roaches and all, than go to the dentist! Hope the buggies (flu bug that is) don't get you either. Take care and lay low! Marilyn

  6. Sorry you are not feeling so great. I think the weather has a lot to do with all this virus and crap going around. We have not had a nice freeze to kill the germs. Roaches ugh!!!! I hope the spray the other apartments around you. I heard they will retreat to the apartments not sprayed and then when your spray wears off they will come back. To really kill them everyone has to get sprayed. So I hope the other apartments will see them and get sprayed too. I have never seen a flying roach!!!!
    Have a great new week.
    Hope you feel better.

  7. Oh boy, I cannot do roaches either, Laura!!! I babysat in an apartment building in NYC when I was a kid and it was absolutely crawling with roaches...I think it really put a true phobia into me!!


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