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Thursday, October 24, 2019

I don't know about you, but I love having an organized kitchen, and when you live in a city apartment with a small galley kitchen it gets to be a necessity.

hanging kitchen bar

Before I moved into this apartment I had it mapped out in my mind how I wanted it to look. It's pretty much how I do most of my decorating. I plan in advance, and most of the time it works out just how I saw it. 

I liked the fact that there was a bare wall. I saw it as a space where I could hang things that I use on a daily basis. A space where they would be within easy reach. 

kitchen hanging bar

I looked online at what was available at Ikea and knew they had just what I wanted. As there is an Ikea here in Atlanta I made a trip there with my daughters right after I moved in and bought two hanging bars with hooks. 

I'm so lucky to live somewhere that has a maintenance staff that hangs things for me. They don't charge. Probably to keep someone like me from pulling out my trusty drill. 

hanging kitchen bars

I love how the hanging bars turned out. I constantly use the things that are hanging there. The cast-iron skillet was my mom's and it's the only frying pan I use. 

Another space I've utilized is above the stove. I found the hanging wire shelf at Home Goods. It is a good spot to corral my cooking utensils, a pretty vintage plate, and a salt and pepper shaker. 

wire shelf

Most of the cooking I do now is pretty simple as I am cooking for one, but I definitely enjoy it more with a bit of organization.

galley kitchen organization

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  1. I need to have organization in the kitchen ( and house) or I go cra-cra. I have one of those bars from IKEA and use it in our guest house . i love them.

  2. Laura, My daughter has a kitchen such as yours . She has to have hanging things too. She does well with her cabinet spaces but counter space is very small. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Looks so good! I use those same bars in my kitchen for pans! We don't have much storage and they are such a great solution!

  4. You did a great job with the wall racks. They are helpful and pretty, win, win.

    The little shelf above the stove was very smart of you. You sound settled and happy. This makes me happy, friend.


  5. I wish we had an IKEA. Don't have one in the whole darned state.

  6. I love what you did, Laura!! I hung two pot racks in my kitchen a few years back and it totally changed the way my kitchen functions! No more taking out 5 pots to get to the one on the bottom - they are all hanging right where I can reach them!

  7. Love the basket over the stove! I have one beside my stove that keeps the 3 lids in that I use all the time.. no more digging in the drawer under it! I have my spice rack sitting on the back of the stove which is so handy. I use as much wall space as I can for "storage". I have the side of a big huge pantry that is free standing in my kitchen, just screaming at me to fill it with hooks so I can hang things! I'm going to use command hooks as don't want to put things into the wood permanently. I also hang my two most used fry pans beside the stove.. I love things that are handy and that I don't have to dig for!

  8. I miss IKEA from when we lived in Switzerland. But we still have their furniture (and oven mitts!)

  9. You nailed it, Laura. You are a master organizer. Great job.


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